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06/24/2002 Actualized: "Conditions for contact with cosmic people" (menu 3, 1st. chapter of Talks, added for download).
06/18/2002 Added colour pictures 646 - 677.
06/12/2002 Added reports 321-346 to "Talks... 1st chapter" - for viewing and download. Added Conditions for contacts with cosmic people in spanish. Added colour pictures 549 - 645.
05/22/2002 Menu 18 Images moved to position 5.
05/02/2002 Added leaflet "Whom Vote?" for download, colour pictures 537 - 548, 539 - 548 are pictures from Matrix with English descriptions, exchanged picture 466 by its English version.
03/07/2002 Added colour pictures 533 - 536.
03/01/2002 Added colour pictures 516 - 532.
02/21/2002 Added colour pictures 475 - 515 (mostly pictures of universe people). Inserted menu item 3 - "Conditions for contacts with cosmic friends and with Creator" and menu item 11 - "The Humankind's State On The Planet Earth" (added to the main page too).
02/10/2002 Added colour pictures 465 - 474.
01/28/2002 Download page divided into submenus, added books Conversations with God II and III, Friendship with God, Communion with God, Corollaries to the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ, Reality, Myths & Illusions, Meditations from Conversations with God, Contact from Planet Iarga, actualized Leaflet 2001. Added colour pictures 428 - 464, b&w pictures 101 - 119. Added  new banner to download.
01/25/2002 Added informations about Purgative event on 9/11/ 2001 in New York to the main page and to current reports (no. 1508) (menu 5 or 3 - download). Added reports 1369 - 1570 (not continuous) to current reports. Added link "Observation of the ships" to the main page (report 1497).
11/16/2001 Added colour pictures 292 - 427. All pictures are now accessible through thumbnails.

Added link to Celestine vision.


Added ”THE 2nd WORLD SYMPOSIUM" link at the main page and leaflet to download.


Added books "Conversations with God 1" and "Heaven and Hell" to download and "Inside the Space Ships" to download and viewing (menu item 8).

07/02/2001 Added menu item 7 - book Bringers of the dawn for viewing.
06/26/2001 Added book Bringers of the dawn to download.
06/15/2001 Added texts: Three Days of darkness (7 kB) and The Intergalactic New Collegiate Dictionary (53 kB) to download. Colour pictures 1 - 124 are with english descriptions and accessible through thumbnails.
06/13/2001 Added colour pictures of Jesus - 289 and 291.
06/11/2001 Added link to "Warning against chips".
06/01/2001 Added colour picture 287 (heart). Added book "Christ exposes the demons' state" for download and to main menu (12).
05/21/2001 Added colour pictures of Jesus, Ashtar, 284 (2nd picture of Gold Gate, it is on the main page too with explaining text after clicking) and 285.
05/07/2001 Added colour pictures 274 - 283.
04/17/2001 Joining together separated files in ZIP archive of Project L.U.C.I.D. in download.
03/23/2001 Added Project L.U.C.I.D. to download.
03/22/2001 Added pictures 272, 273 to colour pictures and to main page too.
03/08/2001 Added links to WingMakers, to the "ARIANA SHERAN" web and to Message of Ashtar Sheran.
02/22/2001 Added pictures 95 - 109 to Petronela's gallery.
02/21/2001 Added colour pictures 256 - 271, b&w pic. 98 and 99, modified main page (added picture of Lord Jesus Christ - this picture in higher resolution is in pictures - 264). Added books of Universal Life for download: "A Small Guide to the Divine Prophetic Healing", "Gene Manipulation", "GOD HEALS", "I Heal You", "The Dangers of Eastern Masters", "The Great Cosmic Teachings of JESUS of Nazareth...", "The Power of Prayer", "The Sermon on the Mount", "This Is My Word Alfa and Omega", "What You Think and Say How You Dine and What You Eat Shows Who You Are" and "Where did I come from? Where am I going?".
02/07/2001 Appended intro of book "Four Concepts...". Repaired all .RTF files to correctly display in MSWord 2000 too.
02/01/2001 Menu item "Download" moved to position 3, added menu item 17 - Links. Added book "FOUR CONCEPTS OF THE SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE OF CREATION" for download under New Revelation.
01/24/2001 Created site , which now contains english version of this web.
12/18/2000 Added report 1179 to current reports (information about control microchips).
11/29/2000 Added menu item "New Revelation", in download is new menu New Revelation where is possible to download book "The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ".
10/30/2000 Added link "APPEAL: MONEY ABOLITION" to the main page and to "Appeals, leaflets and mottos", added reports 1157 and 1158 to the current reports which are available to download too.
09/07/2000 Added menu item "Leaflet - basic information" (images), the same for download (as MSWord document).
08/11/2000 Added reports 1130 and 1131 to current reports.
08/07/2000 Added report 1126 to current reports.
07/24/2000 Added galery of paintings of Petronela-SI, menu item 8 "The third secret from Fatima".
07/18/2000 Added informations for THE 1st WORLD SYMPOSIUM ABOUT LOVE - specified place and time. Added menu item "Degree of the controlling of people by the Dark Powers", also to download (MSExcel) and in Images (254). Added menu item "History and goals of the Dark Powers controlling activities on the Earth" also containing reports 790 and 791 from removed menu item Talks...IIIrd chapter; this is also in download.
07/11/2000 Exchanged picture of Ashtar Sheran for better quality picture (main page and Images - 252), added picture of Pleja (253).
07/02/2000 Added ”ABOUT LOVE” – THE 1ST WORLD SYMPOSIUM link at the main page and leaflet to download, some information about Ashtar Sheran - link at his name.
06/05/2000 Added report 1057 to the current reports, to the end of the main page and to the download page under "Appeals, ...".
05/26/2000 Adding colour picture "Division of Souls" into colour pictures too (number 251), pictures of soil sampling taken from aeroplane (number 200-208, numeration shifted by 9), another  picture of Ashtar Sheran on the main page and col. pictures. Adding bank account information to the Sponsorship page .
05/25/2000 Change of "Division of Souls" on main page to colour version. Black and white version suitable for printing is in b&w pictures under number 97a.
05/22/2000 Added menu item "Talks with instr....IIIrd chapter (fraction)", which will comprise selected reports - now there are reports 790 and 791.
05/16/2000 Added images 201 - 241 (photographic documentation of next soil sampling).
05/14/2000 Changes of main page, added "Main topics of telepathic reports".
05/09/2000 Images 1-68 are with English desriptions. Removed downloads from Menu and collecting them in item "Download".
05/05/2000 Added report 1025 to the current reports.
05/04/2000 Added some information about Czech Republic (link "THE CZECH REPUBLIC" at main page.
05/01/2000 Added menu with current reports (1000 and 1026).
04/30/2000 Descriptions of Colour pictures 1-18 are now in English.
04/21/2000 Sponsorship page is in English now. Added encouragement to people to the end of title page.
04/06/2000 Creation of this page. Complex change of English pages.