The commander of the Grand cosmic squadron of 10 millions of mother spaceships with the command on the Cosmic station SHARE.


COSMIC GUARD. Beautiful friend.

He is responsible for the part of the Universe called by Cosmic people Bela, Quadra or the 4th cosmic sector.

The core part of his work is a unremitting perfect communication with the PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE,
and with the further hierarchy of this Universe.

He comes from high spiritual society in the 5th dimension of planet NIRBUA (our Venus in the 3rd dimension).

Anyhow his spirit has been incarnated with this mission into a semi-material body (weight 18 kg) in the 5th dimension from the high worlds, height 2 meters, green-blue intensively shining eyes. Besides the semi-material body he has thousands of mental bodies and he is using them to work on many parts of the Cosmos. He communicates with thousands of beings simultaneously.

An embrace with this beautiful being is a unique and unforgettable experience, which will make you cry, dear reader.

His place of work has been painted for example by Terezka from Havirov on a couple of very nice paintings. You can find them in our pictures.

He has a wife Ester and the oldest son Izak, he loves all the terrestrials and he is looking forward to the cooperation with the new civilization on the planet Earth in the 5th dimension after the purification of the planet Earth. His age is 28 000 years, his face could be compared to 18 years old average terrestrial.

He cooperated and lived also in the Atlantis civilization up to its fall 11 200 years ago.

This information system, which you have in front of you, has been created thanks to Ashtar’s realization of our Primary Creator‘s plan, together with me, Ivo A. Benda and other terrestrials with mission.

This realization is supported by part of Ashtar’s Grand cosmic squadron, Ptaah’s cosmic squadron from Pleiads and other thousands of civilizations of Light powers, that carefully watch and analyze the development of the planet Earth.

You can use the portraits from the side and especially from the front for better connection with Ashtar Sheran (especially useful for beginners) and also to increase your own momentary vibrations.

The front portrait is a very strong radiator of soft-vibration energy – LOVE, and it is true for 90%, because people cannot stand 100% true portrait due to a huge stream of love.

It is appropriate to place it into a laminate foil (the advertising firms offer this service) of formats A6, A5, A4, A3.

Here is one of the hundreds of reports that I received from Astar Sheran:


109. Report 2. (Received Ivo Benda.) September 24, 1997, 6:30-7:00 a. m.

“Dear Ivo,

I, Ashtar, give you a friendly greeting, wishing you success in your work for the people.

Those humanoids are hard work; they flit about continually, but you do not have to be afraid, everything is watched and under control.

We love you, and so, let us hope, that it will be possible to contact you more often, namely, to be in touch frequently in person. We are constantly ready to help you, since you lend helping hand to people on this planet Earth, endeavouring to pass briskly through these difficult times, this period of transition, which is so important for you, and for us as well. We consider ourselves to be your brothers and we want you to join us in such a way, that people who will be thus prepared, could contact us in person. And then, it would be up to them, where they possibly decide to live. This planet is polluted by coarse vibrations so much, that it is necessary to act for a radical de-pollution in such a way, that the land together with things on it has to disappear in the seas, and, on the contrary, the land in the ocean will be disinterred above the water level of the oceans, so that it could be peopled with those, who have decided for that already before. We know, that these people are here, and that there are many of them. They must be informed and secured, so that it would be possible for them to act in accordance with the on-coming events and to prepare themselves for the approach of New age. We know, that it will be difficult, because here are various groups of people, and some of them will refuse to join us, because they have taken a fancy to themselves, to their own success, and they are interested in material progress. Therefore your necessary activities enable the real people, the people interested in higher spiritual reality, to be informed about us, so that they could decide for their actions in the on-coming period.

We love you, wishing you success in everything, so that you could really uplift yourself to the new, higher level of existence in such a way, that you join us, and that you will commune with this spiritual teaching and love of the Creator, who guides and creates everything. We want you to be able to discharge these future duties effectively, as it should be, and we know, that it will be so. It’s for you to decide, Ivo, how much you are going to get involved also in future, and we evdeavour accordingly to help you any time.

Miluška is already so advanced, that she communicates with us, but she does not have to work. You have to work, we know that, and therefore we came to a conclusion, that we should meet you soon so as to enter into details, and you could get to know us better.

This was transmitted to you by Ashtar himself, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.”

I thank you, Ashtar, for this contact, and I’m happy, that in the nearest future I’m to meet you, later even together with other friends. I’m looking forward to seeing you.