Conditions for contacts with cosmic friends and with Creator                                                               IVO A. BENDA 26.2.1998

Now I present to you just in summary conditions for contacts with cosmic friends and with our Creator. These conditions are presented in the text of “Talks” thereinafter more in detail. If your thoughts are too materialistic, and your emotions are pent up, focus on removal of these barriers. These conditions are actually abidance by our Creator’s cosmic laws; by them you increase and stabilize your vibratory - spiritual level. Cosmic people long for contact with every man, who fulfils these conditions. Till July 6, 1998, 670 000 people in the Czech Republic have experienced such contacts. After fulfilment of these conditions, everybody can contact the Creator, too.

1. The life should be affectionate, harmonious, decent, based on spiritual sentiment. Love your spirit and your body too; by that you love your Creator, for you are his component. Don’t drink alcohol to excess, preferably not at all; don’t smoke cigarettes excessively, preferably not at all. Forbear yourself !!!

2. Love other human fellowmen, including those, who harm you, because they are doing only what they know. Forgive them!

3. Love everything in the Creation, “sentient” and “insentient”, as nature, vegetable kingdom, animals, and the planet Earth which is a higher being than we are, too.

4. Reduce eating of meat to minimum, or not a whit (communication could begin approximately 10 days after that day).

5. Liquidate - destroy negative literature, as books and magazines about wars, eroticism and negative extraterrestrial beings (UFO - abductions, infalls of spaceships, etc.). Don’t communicate with negative extraterrestrial beings.

6. Don’t read negative books and magazines, don’t watch negative films; it is reasonable to ignore politics, because it is full of coarse vibrations.

7. Don’t possess redundant property (2 and more houses for yourself, 2 and more cars for yourself ... etc.)

8. Help people in need according to your potentiality.

9. Work for people at least regarding dissemination of informations about cosmic friends, in a moderate and unobtrusive manner, of course.

10. Don’t harm other creatures.

For such contacts you need no radio telescopes, no projects CETI or SETI !!!!!

The form of address could be advanced in this way:

“Dear Creator, I love You; I pray for a contact
                           - with You;
                           - with my cosmic friends;
                           - with Ashtar, Ptaah, ...” (etc.)

At the same time it is necessary to entertain taintless thoughts and love in your heart, while holding a pencil, paper prepared. Emit only love and no-put in own thoughts especially doubts at writing. The best communication is through 4th - heart chakra ("in spirit" - no hearable voice) which serves as a filter in face of negative entities. Or through 7th chakra (hearable voice) but there can be the both sides, i.e. negative entities. It is more exacting on intuition! Wish you a lot of delight, edification and lovely experiences at creation of friendship with Universe People!