1508. Purgative event on 9/11/ 2001 in New York (301). (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

9/14/2001 9:02 - 9:41 A.M.

Place : Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic

”Dear Ivo,

Sincerely greeting you, me, Ashtar - commander of a Grand cosmic squadron. Yes, I’m glad that you put together this way and I can hand over the new information.

As we informed you, earthly humankind, many times in hundreds of our messages, on basis of YOUR CHOICES - earthly humankind - the purgative processes of planet Earth are proceeding.

She purifies more and more of a coarse vibration energies, these are partly thoughts of negative people which are aired and partly originators themselves - planet Earth than moves theirs souls to other dimensions and darker worlds this way, where they will have a number of choices in their lives, where to go, whether further - deeper into the dark worlds (they are many), or back home - to the Light - to the True Creation - heaven - where is an infinite number of various worlds.

Now we are witnesses one of stages of the purgative processes, and no one of you can't imagine, how much coarse vibrations - negative thoughts - emitted the crew of "Titanic" - The Twins (WTC) - for the 28 years their existence, and how much woe had been caused to the other people and to the planet Earth this way. It simply was one of the strongest coarse energy radiators on the planet Earth. It signifies not, those, who bodily erased this coarse vibration center, are "the saints" and led by the Light. Here holds the well known rule - the Dark will destroy itself.

Herewith you can take a note, how all the media are under baton of negative aliens again – the pseudocreators and the saurians - they widely used their control posts and massively deluged billions of human senses by their coarse energy control programs - energies. Thereby these people being more manageable, declining vibrations themselves and being in an even stronger trap of the negative state. There have been invited a lot of people of various professions into media (chats after the attack), but as you have mentioned yourself, just very spiritual - amorous people weren't there. It isn't by chance; those are unacceptable for their time-proven programs of evil and fear. It's like this your "democracy". Rank of people have founded out already, they are in low water, exactly in accordance with an esoteric energy principle - "IDENTICAL POLARIZES IDENTICAL" - so "WHAT YOU ARE EMITTING, THIS YOU ARE GETTING BACK AS WELL", only the time of return is differ (because of edification).

Yes, then what someone inseminates, so is it reaped, whether evil or good - thereabouts no difference. That is why, dear Ivo, try to emit the good and the love further to reap the good and the love too - and you are on the right way because you're feeling what you're reaping yourself.

Yes, the time has gone ahead, there will be another events and you on the mission of light, you're primarily the soothers with your love and humility, harmony and peace. Your open hearts will generate a "salvage net" to those who will capture. There's no need to watch those coarse shots in media all round, it’s enough just let informed and go on the way of light - the right one. You have the inner guidance and so you're not referred to an outer means of communication. Thereby those, who are left to the coarse energy media, will further get through into a still deeper abyss, what they have prepared themselves in cooperation with saurians and pseudocreators coming from the hells.

Stay forceful within these last days of the old world and daily sense the right time of your recall - elevation of vibrations (the ascension) to a 5th dimension of the planet Earth. There you'll be able to fully live in amorous world and help those, who are getting through into the abyss at the same time.

Dear Ivo, this message was given to you by Ashtar - the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron."

"And now me Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, I’m joining. Yes, I also heartily greeting you and wishing fine amorous day with floods of love, which I’m sending to you. You are longing for the New Earth in the 5th dimension, I now, your point of outgoing is coming day by day, the events of final partition getting a fast drift and everything accelerates.

Who didn't use a time to work on, now easily turns into a toy - puppet of saurians and is unfortunately directed to the darker worlds than the planet Earth in the 3rd and in 4th dimension at the present. Yes, we-all Cosmic people are sending love to terrestrials all the time and helping those who are wondering. Yes, we know it from many other planets where the negative state came to final showdown; such a theatre isn't unknown for us. These control programs of the 2nd side are established for billions of years and already proved on a number of alternative planets. But we-all, your brothers and sisters are helping people who are turning very truly to God - the Creator Primary or to us, beings of the Light. But we are able to help only to those of callers, who are trying to live in harmony with the divine order, themselves. The "ruthless capital men" don't belonging among these - those, who are knifing masses of other people of energy and that's where they're in effect most successful. Between those comes generally the staff of 400 firms in the Twins, which were nonexisting since the morning of 9/11/ 2001. Yes, none of those who are tampering the divine order will feel safe anywhere after this another Dark forces action. Namely it's the revenge which has been chosen by them.

Just emanate the love and the humility, the harmony and the good farther, brothers and sisters of the Light, because your positive emanation will select you within these final days of the partition of humankind in the progress to the higher creation.

Yes, the rain in the Czech country remains with a small intervals for a week yet, since Friday the 9/7/2001, of purpose to clean up your air to the limit in advance before the 9/11/2001, in order the next coarse vibration floods (broaden by media into the senses of controlled people) absorb easily and can clean up new coarse vibrations of those people who are supplied by media and airing it on - over 90% of people ! (Note: the constant rain took about a month finally...)

Because here in the Czech country there is a relatively greatest percentage of folks on the light mission, so this is a help you from our beloved the Creator Primary of all and of all. Yes, be still sure on the way of light in the future and further emanate the love and the harmony - be the lightly port in this stormy sea of the last days.

Thousands of brothers and sisters in our ships everywhere above you are sending love and crossing fingers for fulfilling your light missions.

Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron, told this to you with love and delight from Pleiades.”

Thank you beloved light friends thank you the Creator Primary for all the help. Ivo with love.


1509.  A letter to Mr. President on incident from 2001/9/11 in New York (302).

(compiled by Ivo A. Benda)

2001/9/16 9:00 - 10:05 A.M.

Place : Ceska Lipa

President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Havel, Prague Castle, 119 08 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Dear Mr. president,

Please, accept my condolences on accident and foiled lives of thousands of people, whom sending love and good.

I wrote you already several times, it wasn't all the same to me, what's going on.

We have enough information about these events, we know it's just the start of what will come due to choices and ignorance of current humankind (it's majority).

That is why I wasn't suprised, we knew what people were causing their thinking and behavior. And it's evident they're incorrigible.

Therefore more events will follow on which we have been highlighted and warned for a long time. The Cosmic people (sending you an info) have already informed you for 4 years. But it's your business what you're doing with the info. Your multiyear health condition is certainly clear answer. Don't you think the abidance in your place is irresponsible? Probably don't you suppose that You, Cabinet and other governments in the world haven't shared if not major responsibility for the survival of humankind? Manners - me nothing, me only a musician (it's a Czech saying) - it's abominable and reverts to originator.

Reminding the governments who are responsible for the whole system and regime of the state where people live. Ruling of the states elects laws (no voters and non-voters), state's governments allow how and how much will be Earth polluted and annihilated, the governments are keeping primary responsibility for what energies are widening through mass media because the governments licensing their activities (ministry of culture). What's a kind of culture while in media there are about 90% willful selection of violence, knifing the people of their energies - negative thoughts, wrongs and untruths of all kinds? It's governments’ responsibility and blame for this status. Or you want to argue; you're not giving permission for their activities? The problem is a lost of distinction between good and wrong, positive and negative ! Throughout media they are rolling huge currents of negative energies to the billions of houses and senses of people - and that's why billions of them are programmed in purpose in disposal themselves selves. What ever you can't enclose towards fact how many abominable movies came out the American studios? And how are dirtily enforced to people by other companies (even those stayed in WTC in NYC). What ever you don't see it and can't to exclaim and say it loudly? Why are you magnify "American culture" all the time which is remaining on vehement supply from the HELLS - workshops of saurians and pseudocreators - YOU DO HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION!

It's really wonder you still not use an offered help of Cosmic people - in the name of rescues this humankind, you have continuously all information or else on 5000 pages - www.universe-people.cz and .com !

The fact most people don't understand can bee seen from debates between 11th - 16th of September 2001 on Czech TV. There were invited people of various professions, and just guess, which important absented there?



So that is why I saying it to you, until we will not solve problems on spiritual basis we will not go ahead and will just rush for the hells - most of us who will choice it ourselves.

What's the matter ?

WHAT WHO RADIATES TO HIS ENVIRONMENT - THIS WILL TURN BACK TO HIM. It's important cosmic rule, which works perfectly. The time is minor.

The difficulty is a lot of people are SUBSIDING to discern - among good and evil, positive and negative. Than positive is what is in fact negative. Lapse of distinction. The contemporary Dark Side's control system works very effectively on it, in all directions, in all lines. Don't underrate it !

From NO ONE of you - presidents and governments - I HAVEN'T HEARD inculcation of LOVE AND GOOD, as to PEOPLE LOVE THEMSELVES - EACH OTHER - what here proclaimed extraordinarily only master John Hus (Middle Ages Czech priest). The Cosmic people telling us all the time for 52 years IF WE'LL NOT START WORKING WITH LOVE THEN WE'LL NOT MOVE, JUST RUSHING DEEPER INTO HELLS.

Reminding you that erased WTC building were for 28 years the ultimate coarse energy radiators worldwide. Towards people - sources of these energies more frequently other humans are protesting - against globalization and YOU PROBABLY DON'T UNDERSTAND NOTHING ALL THE TIME.

As well as I informed you (also written by others, e.g. Karel Gott [Czech performer]) prior to huge danger of ORWELLIAN TOTALITY - by misuse of informative technology - by IMPLEMENTATION OF CENTRAL MICROCHIP CONTROL SYSTEM OF PEOPLE - see "PROJECT L.U.C.I.D.". What ever you don't see these events matching to "an incoming steps against terrorism” ! ! !

Again, we’ve got in many messages the following information: Another events will come. You'll see what will happen.

I Am all the time ready for a meeting with you and fit for mediation of personal meeting with Cosmic people - Ashtar Sheran, commander of a Grand Cosmic squadron and Ptaah, commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades. We can't liberate from this SLAVERY without their help when, 90 % of humankind are operated like PUPPETS by the negative aliens - saurians and principals - pseudocreators from hells - see e.g. the NEW REVELATION ! Don't forget it.

That is to say that our thoughts coming not from brain, how we're still enforced by figureheads - scientists, but are fed from spiritual worlds - either positive (Heaven, True Creation) or negative (hells). Everyone is choosing himself, by which vent and realization - by his everyday thinking and dealing.

Most of fairy tales on good and evil is from the Cosmic people - such as helping hold for unknowingly people on the planet Earth. Just a fairy tale "The Water Sprite" is a warning of people state, who's souls are temporarily imprisoned in potties under pot lids - in cases, created by pseudocreators - to be well manageable by them (see "The New Revelation"). Likewise a fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" shows we are a "Sleeping kingdom" and only LOVE will wake us up and set us free. The same is in fairy tale "Immortal aunt", where is showed control by the Dark (king and people) and rescue by LOVE at the end. Truly described situation is also in a movie "Matrix" where you can see the whole operating technology (to our limited understanding). There is a plenty of material about hidden contacts of powerful people with aliens, about contact with the Cosmic people there is e.g. movie "CONTACT", true on 70%, what's not true is the governments didn't inform humankind!

You know, not all the men are electing you - politicians but some electing the Creator Primary of all and of all who is in each person everywhere and in everything. He gives everyone the information by the silent and humble voice in heart (intuition). He also makes barriers to the Dark forces what they can and what not. 100-200 billions of people are choosing ascension themselves by their amorous life - ascension to the higher existence the 5th dimension of the planet Earth. Already now constructing by their affectionate life a light bodies and a new society - New Earth and will soon vibrate up totally away from this reality. The Creator Primary surpasses nothing, he has infinity number of perfectly elaborated scenarios of evolution to let each created being (by him) choose his own version of development himself. I know what a rage have some politicians by this information (in truth the saurians who controlled them) but this is the real fact.

Not only by chance 150 people meditated just 3 days before 09/11/2001 - they having send love to Earth - likewise 180 last year on 09/09/2001. You disavowed this doing and didn't have moved a finger for love. By contrast you organize a NATO summit in Prague during fall 2002 - congress of loveless warlords! Everybody chooses it's own way himself. But the NEGATIVE STATE ARE DISCLOSING IN FULL NUDITY now gradually (not at a blow, that wouldn't people survive) to everyone have information to his life ballots.

I'm with greeting and love in heart, Ivo A. Benda

Ceska Lipa 09/16/2001

PS: Consider to be stupid and blunt as far as would the richest country worldwide wage war against the poorest one, where's practically nothing to ruin, where's just inhospitable mountains and deserts! Further refuse any retraction of innocent people into fights of powerful on their estates - don't do it or you will get very badly at the end. It's elemental. One who makes aggressive war will not hide from his words, be aware of this. There are a lot of planets within the Creation where it has been already ran out and each time with the same result. Belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is a relict of a planet Maldek, Fatheon too. Therefore you're holding the people in nescience to couldn't instruct themselves. The Dark forces feed anybody who’s applying the violence. As well as it is a pressure to people work more than a must.


For information: Government, Parliament, Senate of the Czech Republic and thousands of people in the Czech country and on the planet Earth.