1000. Spring equinox message (239). (Received by Ivo A. Benda). 7.4.1999. 16:05-16:30.

Place: Česká Lípa.

”I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am sincerely greeting you.

Yes, dear Ivo, you are asking about the current state – the purification is just about to start. There are a number of variants, but the most likely one, that we see at the moment, is evacuation of those people, who are prepared for the transition to the 5th dimension. After this, the purification of a larger scope will come (earthquakes, floods, diseases). Around 1 500 000 000 people on the planet Earth could survive. These people would receive help and again everything would depend on their readiness for the transition to the 5th dimension. Now, dear Ivo, there are around 80 000 000 people prepared for the first wave of evacuation. However, this figure is only an estimate based on the current parameters of these people. This planet Earth cannot suffer any more this destruction caused by people, and therefore our beloved Creator has given already a PERMISSION to start this purification.

PURIFICATION means the TRANSFORMATION OF COARSE VIBRATION ENERGIES to SMOOTH VIBRATION ENERGIES in buildings, in land of selected regions with homes of people, in the air and in the sea. For this process mainly the EARTHQUAKES and the EARTH FLOES MOVEMENTS will be used.

The people will see the buildings falling down, but they WILL NOT SEE this transformation, because it is invisible by eyes, it can only be felt by heart.

This is why our information is so important for people, so that the people on the planet Earth could understand what they cause by their everyday behavior and deeds.

Next, dear Ivo, also your president Havel is worried about this state, because he is more and more aware of this situation. He is also responsible for the future of this nation and this country, but at the same time he allows massive control of people. He is responsible for plenty of the violence and negative thoughts in the media and also for the number of erotic literature in each kiosk. The government is always responsible for the inhabitants’ status and in this way it takes over karma to be solved in the future lives. It is their free will and we in the Universe are very sad about this state supported by people in here.

This is what I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, wanted to transmit to all of you.”

”And now I Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining.

Yes, the state of the society is DECADENT and this situation is maintained by Dark Powers by all means. It is a BIG PUPPET THEATRE, where the puppets do not know the intentions and GOALS OF THE CONTROLLERS – the acting Dark forces. This is why this society is not viable and has no chance to survive without external help.

Our help has been repeatedly declined, because the individual selfish interests – carrier – have always outweighed the interests of the society – of people in total. For this reason this Earth cannot suffer any more this destruction caused by coarse vibrations and starts to PURIFY itself.

We cosmic people here in the spaceships, are with you people of the planet Earth all the time; we love you and help, where our help is accepted. Many people already noticed our help and they have experience with us, cosmic people.

The governments still have a chance to start a contact with us, cosmic people. This will be possible until their countries will cease to exist. However, this time is very short, because these governments for 50 years DID NOT TRY to start the cooperation with us, COSMIC CONFEDERATION of PLANETS. We cosmic people are very sad about things caused by people of Earth and about the direction, which they follow in total. Anyhow, we are not allowed to intervene, we cannot interfere with matters of the planet Earth.

This is why the governments are now responsible for the state of the planet and all its inhabitants that live in here in this way.

We love you all, we love you all the time and we will love you, whatever happens.

This was transmitted to all terrestrials with love by Ptaah in behalf of all members of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”


1025. Letter to the president (245). (Received by Ivo A. Benda). 19.4.2000. 6:35-7:16.

Place: Česká Lípa.

Václav Havel
President of the Czech republic
Dělostřelecká 1
Praha 1
110 00

Subject: Information about the state of this society and available solutions (6 pages)

I decided to pass to you some key information about the state of our society. I do it in cooperation with Ashtar Sheran and a number of other cosmic people of Light Powers. The reason is that I am not indifferent to what is happening here and also, what will happen.

Terrestrial civilization society including our small country has been heavily poisoned by the Darkness – controlling systems of Powers of darkness, where the best known representatives are besides the negative terrestrials also the saurians (”hoaries”)negative extraterrestrials drawn here by the terrestrial people’s unlawful behavior and non-affectionate life. (Anyhow these are also controlled by other negative entities etc.) The controlling programs of Powers of darkness crawled through the whole state organizations, institutions and other organizations including many churches on the planet Earth. These programs destroy this society from the base and they lead to its extinction in the next couple of decades. It is not unimportant to me and that is the reason why I write to you about it, but not only this. Together with a number of friends, especially with cosmic people, we work on helping the society to set itself free, or at least to save for the future society the maximum, that can be saved. In the first case I mean the planet Earth, secondly a part of the inhabitants - as many people as possible and also a maximum of the nature on the planet Earth. The steps are as following:

I process and disseminate important information from cosmic friends of Light

powers by all means applicable in this society, but in a peaceful way.

For this work I have been provided by our beloved Creator with all needed abilities, which I fully utilize in favor of the rescue of the planet Earth and its society.

I can say, that within a short period of two and a half years we already have concrete results, i.e. majority of people in the Czech and Slovak republic have already received information about Cosmic people and these problems. We managed to impair saurians’ marketing quite a bit – we did it through our determination, feelings, love, unselfishness, but also through a lot of goal oriented work.

Your own attitude towards this matter will really be important in the next phase, as you (not me) are responsible for this country. It means that now you are also going to choose your future lives by the way in which you will cope with the mission that you voluntarily took over in front of our beloved Creator. I do not doubt that during the last couple of years you discovered huge imperfections of this system that you had been building together with your government colleagues (I heard something from you). However this state had been delivered here by the saurians, by the State of demons (see ”Christ discloses the State of demons, its flunkeys and victims”). It is a system aimed for people’s control, intended on relieving people of their energy. You have a choice whether you will continue like this (i.e. continue to work for darkness) or you will concentrate on deliverance of the inhabitants through love and positive thoughts and deeds. In this second case I am ready to help you; and not only I, but also the cosmic people of Light powers under supervision of our beloved Creator. They have all the information to handle this, because they work in contact with the prime Creator of everything and everyone; and, above all, they work for him with love. Do not underestimate them, their prospects, competencies and spiritual potential are huge, much bigger than these of Powers of darkness. However things depend also on your free will. Creator WANTS TO SAVE THIS PLANET INCLUDING ITS INHABITANTS, BOTH PEOPLE AND NATURE.

You can pick up the chance to arrange a physical contact with cosmic people of Light Powers on some place, for example at an airport in the Czech republic. This way you can take part in saving of everything what still can be saved. I would like to assure you, that without a help of cosmic people neither you nor me nor anyone else have any chance to release oneself from the control of Powers of darkness.

The chance still exists for you (but the time is really short) to rectify your own spiritual balance by following and working on your mission. This way you can choose a lot of next lives (incarnations) in Light powers civilisations of higher levels than represented by this society on the planet Earth in the third dimension. In the opposite case there are lives in the bodies of natural nations of tribal societies, or even inside Powers of darkness (this depends on the degree of spiritual damages, that an individual is responsible for) – this depends on your choice which is the same for every inhabitant of the planet Earth in the third dimension. It is a free choice. Nobody can say, that he did not know about it, because today people in the third dimension have an easy access to information for an exceptional short moment (they can read and write, there are media, Internet, computers etc.), so this way they are choosing their next thousands of lives.

I have been ready to connect with you regarding this issue for a long time and I have been waiting whether you decide for the option to save our planet. There is no third way even though I know, that for terrestrials the “third ways” are very popular, but they are just a false self-deception.

You, but also all other inhabitants are watched and studied with immense interest and love by thousands of Light powers‘ civilisations (in our galaxy there are 2 millions of civilisations under the High council and next 3 millions of associated civilisations). They help us wherever their help is accepted, but they do not interfere, because they would break Cosmic and Universe rules.

You can rely only on your own open spiritual heart, where our beloved Creator and also Orthon, the spiritual warrantor of our galaxy and member of the High council in Petala, talk to you from. Do not rely on the scientists and similar people, they are just puppets, empty statuettes.

You can by yourself contact with beings of Light powers in line with your free will. You know the conditions for contacts from my book “ Talks with instructions from my cosmic friends”. You can do it any time, while there is still time.

I would like to ask you here for sponsorship of the 3rd part of this book and also the translations of the reports mainly into the English language. Today almost the whole first part of this book has been translated and is available on Internet to everybody on this planet Earth for free.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to meet you and talk about these things in person. Your life has not been easy, but it just has been a preparation for your mission, nothing else. Your diseases (and this is valid for every person on this Earth) represent your feedback in your decision process. So trust yourself, I appreciate some of your last steps.

Again I want to repeat that you have all the faculties and opportunities to handle this situation, because Creator does not give us tasks and missions, that we miss strengths or abilities for.

It is important to RADIATE LOVE and nobody can prevent you from doing so, do not let dark forces to control you and, above all, LET CREATOR who you have in your HEART TO LEAD YOU.

I wish you a lot of energy and a will to rectify what was not managed properly, to set this society free and to save the planet Earth and I am looking forward to a potential cooperation.

Neither me, nor cosmic people have any unclean intentions, we do not calculate and do not plan. We are sincere and we will always be like that.

These lines were transmitted to you with love by Ivo A. Benda together with Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron and a high spiritual being.

Note: For the time being this letter will not be published on our Internet page http://www.universe-people.com/.

I hope you received the important picture information of my second video (4 hours, daytime flypasts of the spaceships of our Light powers’ friends) and the CD with our Internet.

Appendixes: Actual reports 1000, 1001, 1009



In Česká Lípa, April 6, 2000.


1026. Soil sampling near Česká Lípa (246). (Received by Ivo A. Benda).

20.4.1999. 6:24-6:41.

Place: Česká Lípa.

”Dear Ivo,

I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am sincerely greeting you.

You are asking about the field, where you saw yesterday the furrowed up depressions. Yes, you correctly found out, that these were the places that spaceships of Ptaah’s squadron had visited a week ago. They sampled there a couple of quintals of the soil up to 1.5 meter in depth and then they filled the places back a little. Such samplings are carried out regularly on many places of the planet Earth and the samples are analysed especially for the degree of chemical pollution (including radioactivity caused by terrestrial activity – atomic tests and atomic power stations). Your soil is already heavily poisoned by many things and in this way we watch the progress of the contamination. The noise, that you heard last Wednesday on 12.4.2000, was the noise of these automatic sampling machines. There is no crew in these machines and they are constructed as discs, in diameter 4 to 6 meters. There are containers inside for approx. 2 cubic meters of the soil samples. Yesterday you noticed correctly, that there are no footprints of the man’s shoes neither any marks of the man’s tools in the excavated soil. However, there are half-circular prints, which stayed there after the clean up of the loosing tools of the machine. The sampling took 3 hours, at night from Wednesday to Thursday 12. -13.4.2000.

So this is what I wanted to share with you and this is all regarding your question. I am glad that you discovered this and also that people would learn about these facts.

With love gave it to you Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”

“And now I Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes, dear Ivo, you correctly found the places, where the soil sampling from the planet Earth was done. There are conditions in this place that reflect the state of contamination and pollution by the radioactive and chemical substances and also by coarse vibrations. This place is only 300 meters far from your closest houses; these are also sources of coarse vibrations contamining the soil nearby. Now the state is critical and close to the purification, because the pollution is of such extend, that the planet Earth cannot continue this way any more. I really appreciate that people will learn about it and they will be able to see the full picture of their deeds.

This was transmitted to you with love by Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”

Dear friends, thank you very much for this explanation for people. Photographic documentation including the schema is on the Internet http://www.universe-people.com/ (colored pictures 180-208). With love Ivo.


1057. Colloqy (254). (Received by Ivo A. Benda) 26.3.2000. 11:50-12:18 hodin.

Place: Train Olomouc – Přerov.










1126. Conversation with Creator. (Received by Jaroslav P.) 22.7.2000. 22:59-23:10.

Place: Strakonicko.

“The time has come, what all this Universe of Light Powers had been waiting for. A very important meeting of these enlightened spiritual movements representing these Light Powers will take place in Prague. There is one very important role of this meeting. It is a presentation of agreeing worldviews with a following backbone:

  1. God of you, people, primary Creator of everyone and everything is ONE.
  2. God, primary Creator of everyone and everything is unbounded, nowhere ending and also not limited by anything and not limiting anything LOVE.

This is a motto of this meeting and also its base line or its backbone, as stated already above. This is all for the time being and this is already the end of this our conversation.

Primary Creator of everyone and everything, that loves all beings in all universes by this love unbounded and nowhere ending, not limited by anything and not limiting anything.”


1130. 1st World Symposium about Love in the Spanish hall – the arrangement of the hall.

The Prague Castle Administration

July 13, 2000, in Prague

Dear Mrs. K.,

as a reaction to Your request for a free-of-charge providing of the Spanish hall of Prague Castle for the 1st World Symposium about Love event planned for September 9, 2000 we inform you, that the application for the president’s patronage was not granted, which means that the free-of charge lease is not possible.

We offer you a possibility to rent the Spanish hall for 630,000 Czech crowns (discounted rate) + 22% VAT. The services provided in relation to the symposium event will be charged separately. The capacity of the Spanish hall is 750 places. Please, send us a binding written order by August 9th 2000, i.e. 1 month before the planned event, to allow us unblock the possibility for other potential clients.

Thanks for your understanding

With regards

RNDr. Maria Galova

Director of the Program Division

of Prague Castle Administration

The original of the letter: (You can find it also in the picture section of the Internet http://www.universe-people.com/)

Obr256.gif (29494 bytes)


1131. Order of the hall for the 1st World Symposium about Love in the Spanish hall – the lease of the hall.

Prague Castle Administration

Director of the Program Division

RNDr. Maria Galova


Prague 1

110 00

Subject: Spanish hall lease


Dear Mrs. Galova,


I ask you to kindly lease the SPANISH HALL for the 1st WORLD SYMPOSIUM ABOUT LOVE event planned on September 9, 2000 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Thank you for the clearance of this request

With love for all the friends


Helena K.


Helena K.                                 RNDr. Maria Galova

P.O. box 51                         Director of the Program Division

Ceska Lipa                         Prague Castle Administration

470 06                                 PRAGUE CASTLE

                                                PRAGUE 1

                                                110 00


In Ceska Lipa, July 19, 2000.


1157. Money abolition. (Received by Helena K.) 17.9.2000. 15:52-16:23.

Place: Train Karviná - Česká Lípa.

”Dear Helena, this is me, Sol-tec, the commander of a smaller squadron from the planet Ajacit.”


Dear Sol-tec, please, how did you start to build on planets the system without money ? We would like to start with it together with Ivo here, on the planet Earth, if our beloved Prime Creator allow us to do so.

”Helena, we decided according to our free will and our beloved Prime Creator gave us a permission. On your planet Earth it will be a gradually changing system based on the approach of people in the top positions and they will not want to give up easily this system, which they had built in here. Try to send them a proposal to abolish money. Some people on the planet Earth would accept this non-monetary system and they would appreciate it. Money on your planet Earth, if they are not used wisely for the well-being of everybody, so that nobody would be poor and nobody rich, they are abused and this caused a huge evil in your world. You learned a lot of important things on this, all of you, poor ones as well as rich ones, and now you will decide what to accept and to live, with money or without them. Everything has its significance. People often abuse things to their own benefit and they enslave others. Many of you had the opportunity to find it out. We experienced it as well. Many people do not agree with the Monetary fund (IMF – remark of the translator) and they protest against it, because they know, what does it mean to them. Helena, try everything what you can do to abolish money. It will require a lot of effort and work, but it will pay back. Submit a proposal to the government and the parliament, that you wish to abolish money, to create an affectionate state and achieve a to achieve a change on the planet Earth. Write to them, that we in the higher dimensions live this way and that it is a perfect and beautiful life without money, a lot of worries just disappears and people really live a full-value life. We only work for two hours for the society, but it was already written in the ”Talks”. Send them this proposal and you will see, what their answer will be, if they will want to give you an answer. Write to them, that you know, that such a society without money is functional and that you will work on it all the time to build it in here as well.”

Dear Sol-tec, so we will try under the guidance of our Prime Creator of everything and everybody. And also with your help.


Yesterday I saw a film ”Contact” and I liked it. To what percentage was it true and how did you like it?

”It was quite a nice film, I liked it and it was true up-to 70 %. On this you can see, that more and more people from the planet Earth are gradually become acquainted with us, Cosmic friends.”

Dear Sol-tec, thanks for the talk and for the advice, I am sincerely greeting all of you, my Cosmic friends and I am sending you streams of love. Sister Helena from the planet Earth.

”I also thank you and I am sending love to you there on the planet Earth. Brother Sol-tec, commander of a smaller squadron from Ajacit.”


”You can speak, Helena, this is me, Prime Creator.”

Dear Prime Creator, please can we with Ivo and others who will join us build a non-monetary system on the planet Earth?

”Dear Helena, finally you decided, I was waiting for it for such a long time. Yes, start, as Sol-tec commander of a smaller squadron from Ajacit, is advising you. You made me laughing by this question, I am really very glad. Finally something will move towards better living on the planet Earth. You know how many people, nature and the whole planet Earth will you help by this. It is a very important decision. Please, work on it with Ivo in the way you feel it, and do it as soon as possible. I bless you in this, because this is to the benefit of everybody. Helena, whenever you will work with the idea to the benefit of all the people on the plant Earth, I agree with it and I bless you also. These 385 brothers and sisters, who met on the Prague Castle, will join you with joy, and together you will create a lot of beautiful changes for all the people of the planet Earth and the entire Universe. I love you all and I enjoy you thinking and working together this way. You are my beloved children of Light and love. I am with you all the time and I bless you with love.

Your Prime Creator of everything and everyone, loving you all.”

Thank you a lot, our friend, Prime Creator of everything and everyone, loved by me and by all. Helena from the planet Earth.


1158. Appeal – MONEY ABOLITION. (Prepared by Ivo A. Benda and Helena K.) 18.9.2000.

Place: Česká Lípa.



Vážený pan prezident České republiky

Václav Havel
Pražský Hrad
119 08 Praha 1

With copy for the file (for information) to Mr. Ivo A. Benda to the address:

Ivo A. Benda
P.O. BOX 51
470 06 ČESKÁ LÍPA 6

Ask yourself: How will be our life without money ?

By money abolition on the planet Earth, we WILL TAKE AWAY from pseudo-creators and saurians the MAIN CONTROL TOOL – the program, which they use to enslave, control and steal energy (fear and other negative emotions, excessive work unnecessary for a valuable life etc.) from the terrestrial mankind. This way we will FURTHER ATTACK their control technologies and in the last phase we will drive them away by LOVE to other parts of the outplacement zone (similarly as in the fairy tale ”Immortal aunt”, produced by Bonton).


On millions of planets of our Galaxy the Cosmic people already live in this way a splendid, full-value life, see www.universe-people.com, books ”TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS, VOLUME I.-IV.”, ”UFO – CONTACTS”, ”PLANET LOGO”, ”ANGELS IN THE COSMIC SHIPS”, ”INSIDE THE COSMIC SHIPS”, ”CONVERSATION WITH GOD III” and our other recommended sources.





And those, who DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS, are HIGHLY DEVELOPED HUMAN BEINGS OF DARK POWERS – NEGATIVE STATUS, AND GRATEFUL AND DEVOTED COLLABORATORS OF SAURIANS AND PSEUDO-CREATORS. These are in the ”school for hell”, they are already building here the STATE OF DEMONS, i.e. THEY ARE PREPARING THEMSELVES FOR THE LIFE IN THE DARK WORLDS, where the level of freedom is much lower than in this world – on the planet Earth these days. Every person tends toward where he wants to be. And everyone is responsible first of all for himself.

www.universe-people.com reports 1157-8.

For information to: President of the Czech republic, government of the Czech republic, senate of the Czech republic, 400 media editors, people of the Czech countries.



1179. Pseudo-creators prepare control chips for people – component of the Full negative status

(extract from the Medium magazine – October 2000)

Companies producing microchip cards explain in their advertising campaigns, that these are much better than the cash, because people do not have to care for having enough money, coins etc. ATTENTION! THIS IS JUST A TRAP! Once the microchip cards will become so common, that they totally displace the cash in the market, they will become THE EXCLUSIVE MEAN OF EXCHANGE. However this will only be valid, until they will be replaced by the final solution: MICROCHIPS IN THE MAN’S BODY, implanted usually under the skin on the hand or on the forehead.

Publicist Alan Pilote expresses this warning in the French periodic Vers Demian and he further discusses the problem of microchips and the MAN’S FREEDOM.

The cards with microchips will lead to the control over every person in the world. They will represent the last phase before the MICROCHIP IMPLANTATION on the body under the skin, the ”beast” mark. Without this sign it will be impossible to sell or buy anything. If everything will continue according to the plan of the international financial magnates (the main controlling agents of the negative status on the planet Earth – remark of the editor), cash, i.e. notes and coins will totally disappear in a relatively short period from the market. They will be replaced by ”electronic money”, in the first phase based on the credit cards’ microchip, later on in a short timeframe they will be replaced by the microchip itself, implanted under the skin, likely on the right hand ( this is usually the writing hand – possibility to control and monitor writing - remark of the editor).

This is not a fantasy! This technology has been already tested on animals many times and it appears that everything is prepared to its accomplishment directly on a man. Why are the financial bosses of the world so interested in this system? Because IT ALLOWS TO ESTABLISH A TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! These financial bosses (puppets of the saurians - remark of the editor), blinded by THEIR POWER-CONSCIOUSNESS, are convinced, that ONLY THEY ARE ABLE TO LEAD THE MANKIND IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. They are aware of the fact that people will not be willing to give-up the possibility to trade in cash just easily. However in the situation of the threat of the worldwide financial crash, the financial bosses will be able to convince people, that the only possibility which will rescue them from loosing everything, is the MICROCHIP.

How does the microchip for implantation look like? Unlike the credit cards, no personal code is needed, no confirmation about the cash balance from the bank. Microchip cards containing electronic information, immediately provide all requested data, they can store by 500 more information than the current cards. The leading company producing microchip cards is Mondex. Half of its shares is owned by MasterCard. Using these cards it is possible to transmit information by the Mondex telephone machines or by specially equipped computer. Mondex microchip cards are already used in 20 countries and it is expected that the European union will apply this system in combination with the common currency introduction.

It is already possible to use a personal computer as a ”bank counter”, allowing to perform all requested financial transactions directly using the screen. Microsoft announced recently, that since 1999 all computers will be equipped by the tools for using microchip cards.

However because microchip cards can be stolen, damaged or lost, people will be SUGGESTIVELY CONVINCED, that the IMPLANTATION of such a MICROCHIP will be much more practical and better. The microchip will not be in the plastic card any more, but it will be implanted directly ON THE MAN’S BODY. It will not be used for financial purposes only, but at the same time for IDENTIFICATION OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL PERSON. For example using the satellite or antenna transmission devices, it will always be under control, WHERE any person is at this particular moment. Something similar is already planned to be implemented in some European towns for the mandatory registration of the dogs. The official reasoning is a possibility to easily find the lost or strayed animal, in reality the town officials want to make sure that nobody can escape from paying fees for the dog.

For the implantation under the man’s skin many microchips were produced. Their size is from 5 to 7 mm in length and 0.75 mm in breadth, this can be approximately compared to a rice grain. In the microchip the following main information are stored: NAME OF THE PERSON, PICTURE OF HIS/HER FACE, INSURANCE NUMBER AND CODE, FINGERPRINT, PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION, FAMILY GENEALOGY, ADDRESS, JOB POSITION AND THE EXCERPT FROM THE CRIME REGISTER. The card can store up to 34 BILLIONS COMBINATIONS, so IT CAN IDENTIFY EVERY INDIVIDUAL TERRESTRIAL. It means, that such a microchip will replace all other current identification documents (identity card, insurance certificate and many others). The person not having such a document on him/her, would not be able to buy anything, but more than this – he/she could not receive salary, pension, manipulate with the money in the bank, travel etc.

Microchip is equipped by auto-charging lithium battery. The requirement to give a signal whenever the temperature of the man’s body changes led to a expensive research with the aim to identify the most appropriate position on the man’s body for the microchip placement. Two places were identified – on the forehead close to the hair and on the ridge of the right hand. This fact reminds us strongly about the passage from the Saint John’s Revelation:

”And (the beast) will force everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name (666).”

So far it was not possible to understand this Saint John’s forecast. Now with the microchip implanted under the skin it is already possible! At first glance such a microchip on the hand can be seen as a big simplification, as a big advantage for everyone. However as Saint John writes in the Revelation, a man to be able to receive the mark has to give up Christ and swear the loyalty to the Anti-Christ (pseudo-creators – remark of the editor). And what is represented by Christ? Of course, the MAIN COSMIC AND NATURAL RULES and part of them is also the FREEDOM, which the individual will for sure LOOSE in the subordination to the human ruling and grasping power.

Microchips will be through the satellite or antenna transmission devices connected to the CENTRAL COMPUTER with gigantic memory. There is a computer working already for more than 10 years in Brussels, which is able to register 2 billions numerical data. It is likely that this computer is being equipped and prepared to store data about people associated with various industries. Even bigger ”computer storage” has a super-computer in Luxembourg. This computer is able to store and utilize information about all inhabitants of the Earth.

It appears that under conditions described above the GENERAL ”CONNECTION” OF THE EARTH’S INHABITANTS TO THE COMPUTER MEMORY will be done, which in principle is already the ORWELL’S TOTALITARIANISM. Selected individuals will be able to immediately block the bank account of any person, stop him/her using the phone, travelling or buying the travel ticket etc. We can hardly imagine what would happen in case of the central computer breakdown. And on top of it, what is most important, it is just a step from here to CONTROL OF PEOPLE FROM ANY POINT OF VIEW - based on their behavior or their stay in a particular location. It can ultimately lead to the monitoring of their psychical reactions, so in principle to THE CONTROL OF THEIR THOUGHTS.


Living Truth Ministries

1708 Patterson Road

Austin, Texas 78733

Texe Marrse: http://www.texemarrs.com/


1369. Ashtar's crew. (Message from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone). 1995

Place: USA

ASHTAR'S CREW is one of the most considerable extraterrestrial squads. The being Ashtar is a coordinator responsible for a space division of significant white brotherhood - or – A GUILD OF LIGHT.

This and his big extraterrestrial army counts over 20 million of beings. They’re cooperating with skilled masters.

Aside from that 20 million individuals led by Ashtar in this Solar system there are next 4 million of beings and staff in physical world.

The coordinator Ashtar is of distinguished nature, high-hearted, you can imagine him over 2 meters high. His eyes are blue and body is of an Adamah Kadmon type.

He’d been evoluted and educated on planets Ashtar and Venus.

Coordinator Ashtar is liable for the fleet in this Solar system but not restricted on this sector only, meaning his services.

Ashtar represents Solar system as an administrator during meetings (conferences) on Galactical, Cosmic and Omniverse levels.

They are of etheric substance in nature - this is one of important things on understanding Ashtar - coordinator and his army of staff and the space squadron. Although they don't have material bodies already, but they're able to demonstrate their bodies and ships in material world at any time they want. The earthly human if having chance to see them, doesn't think they're different beings.

Ashtar's crewmembers are getting round the humankind on the streets of this world but people don't aware of it. A lot of life there are on other planets in this Solar system. They're of etheric nature and this is why called etheric. They incarnated beings (having bodies). The beings are under development also likewise humankind and their lives are not much different of human ones, excepting some characteristics like lower interests (ego or emotions), by which force people afflicting so much.

Ashtar coordinator closely cooperates with Angelic kingdom, especially Archangel Michael (it's name of civilization with common mission - note of compiler).

Ashtar coordinator is extremely affectionate and gentle being and he's also strict and irresistible in his mission to service teach and protect beings in the Solar system. He and his crew are disfavour of seeing them as gods but rather like companions and friends, similar on ways of further spiritual progress.

Two of the main Asthar's missions are to spiritually teach people about their real purpose on the planet Earth and to protect Earth and Solar system off the visitors and alien groups whose intents are another, private not in real spiritual direction.”


1370. Ashtar's Crew Overground Conference. (Message from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone). 1995

Place: USA

”One of the ways of connecting with Ashtar's crew is to plan out participation on this conference during sleep of physical body. They're great symposiums there where taking a part physical, etheric, and other planet's beings. These consultations are holding at least two times a month.

A lot of lightworkers are attending 5 or 6 conferences per year. On one of these conferences is deciding how to clean polluted environment, water and air. The conferences are sometimes executed nightly for the period of 2 or 3 weeks. Plenty of beings are coming in their astral bodies.

Ashtar coordinator is very pleased to see how rapidly is increased the light-intensity on Earth. As well as escalation of the spiritual liabilities by so many lightworkers.”


1371. Ashtar's crew space carrier ships (space towns). (Message from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone). 1995

Place: USA

”The Ashtar's crew space carrier ships or the space towns are of 12 stages - floors normally.


Ground floor = entrance and exit of the ship


Second floor = large storehouse of all the ship's stages


Third floor = Zoo with animals coming from various worlds


Fourth floor = research of the grounds, landscapes, fruit plantations and different herbs


Fifth floor = housing center for techniques and other beings, working on the primary four stages (floors)


Sixth floor = relaxation areas with large parks and sceneries


Seventh floor = medical areas


Eight floor = areas only for evacuation purposes


Ninth floor = school areas with libraries, halls of wisdom, concert halls and areas for further cultural activities


Tenth floor = areas reserved for visitors coming from various dimensions


Eleventh floor = Ashtar's crew area and a special hall designed for diverse meetings


Twelve floor = there's a dome where the pilot control center is situated and observation deck for liable staff. There is a possibility of meetings with sighting.


1442. Description of the Ashtar's Grand Cosmic Squadron. (Received by Jirka V.)

7/24/2001 9:45 - 10:00 p.m.

Place: Most (Czech Republic)

I've asked for a message with squadron description other contactor - not a technician. (Reader can imagine who's receiving - not technically oriented man. The questions are given by Ivo (engineer) and receiver - note of compiler.)

The message follows the msg. 1371. Ashtar's crew space carrier ships (space towns) from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone, 1995.

"My brother, here's Ashtar Sheran. We are very glad, you to contact us to know the structure of our squadron and the parameters and design of our ships. The information will be helpful to get a better contact with us and get back to the world which seems to be unknown and far for you in this "human dress" on Earth.

Understand that space carrier ship of the Asthar's Grand Cosmic Squadron is of cigar shaped design, length of 42 km, 13 km widen and 8 km high. The shape is like a box for spectacles and there's a layer of interstellar dust hanged on surface because of it's very old age - 1 million years.

Its form evokes your waffles "tatranka" with rounded edges and insweptly narrowing at the end. Yes, these 12 floors are received right.

The second ships are of disc type similar to Pleiadians one but our ships are made from more robust materials because we're producing ships still guarding the interstellar space, this is why we using ships with longer operation life c. 1 million years. Technology, we are using is unimaginable for you that neither within 1 million years didn't getting older. You have to understand that our technology (anyhow your technology) is most highly perfect depending on spiritual level of humankind. On the planet Earth there is so rapid technological development not analogic to the spiritual growth. We're for a longer time in a relatively stable level of 7th dimension hence we can operate technology having such ancient practice with (laugh).

More to the description of space carrier ship, my brother. There are crews in 3 shifts after 8 hours in service. There are 12 floors, upper decks are used for private - it's remotely like your flats. Next floors to the 7th are used for private, also then follows decks of green vegetation, gardens, social halls, libraries, otherwise information centers with data saved in crystals. Then there's pilot control deck where motion of your Universe is monitored. For the same purpose is used the 4th deck.

The lower 3 decks are used for fun and relaxation. In a ground floor they are placed multipurpose ships belonging to the space carrier ship. Their duties are monitoring, exploratory and an emergency defense.

We'll talk to the decks more closely in further messages. Have a good time and good night. Your friend Ashtar Sheran. Bye love and sleep well."

Thank you Ashtar, thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the communication.”

1443. Description of the Ashtar's Grand Cosmic Squadron. (Received by Jirka V.)

8/4/2001 Afternoon

Place: Jesenice county (Czech Republic)

"Child of mine, my love, hearing your pleases and letting you know the previous messages about the ships of my Space sons and daughters, you have received exactly. You can further communicate on this topic and I'll guide you on the right way, not to let you influence by other source than those whom you request.

Your Lord Jesus Christ."

"Yes my brother, here's Ashtar Sheran. Then we can cooperate on description of my fleet. Yes, our squadron owns 1 space carrier ship with longitude 42 km as you received, anyhow don't doubt about any word in this transmission, please. We know it's difficult for you to receive such a technical data not having idea of our technology but we're trying to utmost zoom-in our tech in terms of your speech. Understand that everything is received well, so we can go on.

Yes and now the decks separately.

The operating deck also called central with control systems you can find in the middle part of the ship as you already received. There are rooms with tele-walls, large assembly halls where meets the Cosmic Confederation of Planets, our control and advisory boards constituted of high-level spiritual beings. Then there are labs equipped devices watching events in whole your Universe and surroundings worlds, kinematics, evolution of civilizations and next data. The important for you, there is recorded the whole history of your planet. It's possible to skill human beings by visual display of this process. It can be realized during collective meditation when you'll visit our ship in your mental bodies and see for what you'll ask.

We'll continue after meal. Bye.” (I was disturbed - note by recipient.)


1445. Description of the Ashtar's Grand Cosmic Squadron and some about Czech health system. (Received by Jirka V.)

8.8.2001 9:55 - 10:20 p.m.

Place: Most (Czech Republic)

"Yes my love, here's Ashtar Sheran. I'm talking to you again and thank you for your receiving of message on our ship.

Yes. And now the technical parameters of our space carrier ship; its height is 8 km splitted into 12 deck (floors) when each FLOOR is divided in several mezzanines of 12 m high - it's approximately height of room, the height of individual decks is periodic - 600 m. Next there are areas below and above these decks, used for technical and maintaining reasons. Then you've asked on characteristic formation of our ships, we haven’t this. The ships aren't bounded one on second hence creating not formations. They're mostly multidimensional for fulfilling duties in diverse dimensions, therefore isn't possible to create formations, as you know from other civilizations.

Yes, then you've asked about terminal of the ship, yes, this is regular bow with diameter of 13 km, yes, same as width of the ship a side, then from above with diameter of 7 km - same as height of the ship, slightly angling on ends. The lateral profile is spheric on ends for bigger and better energy flow by that is the ship driven, power supplied and penetrated through dimension.

Yes, next query was on position of driving systems inside the ship, as you have been told, they're in the middle part along perimeter where are tele-walls attached to the sides which can be energetically seen-through. The ship is of dark gray color and seems to be cooled down regular lifeless solid to undisturb life in other dimensions by its presence; quietly and stealthy observe this activity and fulfil our missions.

Then is need to tell the real proportions of the ship going from energy parameters which we're using for our activities and they're numbers and computations meanwhile unreal by your best technology. This is enough what we have told to give you an objective image for better orientation at mental travelling in spaces. That's to the description.

Yes, on Ivo's request we're mentioning the end of the ship is like this tape deck remote control, see our disclosure above. The terminal is rounded if you see abeam and a rectangle with rounded edges when you look from the front in the profile of the ship.

My brother, the further information on description of the ship we let on a later date.

Now is important to receive this - you would engage and appeal on congressmen at ratification this law on health care (see www.mzcr.cz). There's real imminent danger that total complementary medicine will stand out of laws illegal business, alternatively held liable for effects of "unprofessional care" when therapeutic results will be negative for patient. Understand, dark forces playing here the big game because as you know and have been sent in mind, the number of people got their spiritual way and growth through the health care. They knew it's going on namely spiritual matter and came in for own spiritual way thanks to healing diseases and troubles. WARNING ! This INITIATORY ELEMENT, very important for you because material body is beginning care of spirit and this they want to TAKE AWAY. WARNING, it's made very artful and tricky. As you know in your experience there have been ratificated many laws and helped the lobbing "elite" of economic bosses as they've been called. These people have closed hearts, they're absolute PUPPETS of Dark forces and they do what the Dark wants. In case of passing this law would mass diffusion of spiritual learning by way of alternative medicine, macrobiotics, Reiki and many, many other system stand out of law. Number of you would fail in their mission by reason of fear. That’s why appeal on you to accept proclamations of opponents of this law and raise your voices together, although your mission is seemingly another than alternative medicine, but you know all is changing over. We're with you and crossing fingers at this work. Don't fear of nothing, we're guarding you, we're keeping you and no one and nothing can't hurt you. So don't be afraid and combat with love for your rights.

Your Ashtar Sheran and number of Cosmic forces of the Light. Next Heavenly hierarchy of Godly flames and number of Light forces beings gives you this message with love our beloved brother. Please keep on fighting for the Light our children, we love you and we're with you.”

Thank you my loves, I love you, thank you.

Thank you, thank you very much.


1497. The space ship's observation of our Cosmic friends (compiled by Ivo. A. Benda with Cosmic people)


Place: Ceska Lipa (Czech rep.)


This text you can also find on main page www.universe-people.com




A lot of people are watching lights of the ships of Cosmic people during clear evenings, flying in altitudes of 15 - 80 km. These are mostly large mother ships (with diameter of kilometers) commonly they are thousands of them under coverings in the sky (totally there are 100 000 mother carrier ships with 150 - 200 millions of Cosmic people around the planet Earth). The best time for observing starts usually after 10:30 p.m. (for half, perhaps also 3 hours) when most of people retiring to rest, so emitting less negative thoughts to the area around the Earth. Rarely they can be observed otherwise.

Just enough is to have positive and amorous thoughts, fairly talk about our Cosmic friends, e.g. of their life - have a nice relation to them and ask the Creator Primary and Cosmic people for a light greeting. Then you can see even tens of flyovers, some flies simultaneously on various directions. We have seen a formation of 3 ships also. The lights are bright like stronger stars and more, they can shade and bright again, flying mostly straight and sometimes in bows and curves but always noiseless. The strongest flashing was like powerful reflector and we felt a strong heat - love emitted to us. Velocity can be slow, very fast or variable.

You can practice DISTINCTION among other objects (stars) by your sense.

Our airplanes are noisy and have specified international positional lights. Satellites are on limits of visibility of the human eye (seen very weak), having constant flight course and speed.

The suitable place for observation is NATURE, cities abnormally too - rather peripheries of smaller towns although this is grow rife. Decisive for Cosmic friends is energy quality of love pointing to them from our observation area. So this is YOUR and YOUR SURROUND fine vibrational energy in hundreds of meters or kilometers.

The overflights are recorded on videotapes (Video 2-7) or on CD-ROM.

People with inner communication thereat speaking with Cosmic friends about nice things and can fortify this contact.

At the next there is a possibility to move your mental body on decks of space ships (small and mother carrier) and visit Cosmic friends on this way. Our pictures of the ships is a tool for the visit.

The Cosmic people are especially pleased of contacts of people with whom they are cooperating on their light missions. These ones greets by light perhaps through windows or balconies of their flats.

Don't take with you people with negative thoughts. Their energy harms Cosmic friends (it rankles) so that they not uncover in face of them ! Just of these people they covers themselves.

Use summer warm nights for observation of the ships.

Cosmic people are happy and taking delight when people of Earth are interested in. You Should just know how much they love us all !

Message 1497. 8/21/2001 Ivo. A. Benda with Cosmic friends



1504. A conversation with Ashtar and Ptaah - the 4. Anniversary of cooperation (299).

(Received by Ivo. A. Benda)

9/7/2001 2:28-2:53 P.M.

Place: Post office no. 6, Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic

"Dear Ivo,

Sincerely greeting, me, Ashtar - commander of a Grand cosmic squadron. Yes, I'm glad you put together this way - the 4 years our mutual communication and cooperation. Yes, you did a huge change mostly in a spiritual growth and this is conditioned by the quantity of light work in accordance with your disposed personal life plan. Yes, our common work has fruits within the Czech countries and in the world and this is the next BREAK-THROUGH of your light information to this Darkness - the puppet scene of the Dark.

Yes, a succession of people is waking up of a "winter dormancy" and will take a part on family of light's work here on the planet Earth. Dear Ivo, you see the "spiritual (clerical)" and the "lead" representatives who are managing our information difficulty and haven't been capably to do a concrete steps in linking-up with us, the Cosmic people. It's concerned your presidents Vaclav Havel (Czech Rep.) and Rudolf Schuster (Slovak Rep.), again political representative and however so-called "spiritual (clerical)". Unfortunately no one of these people didn't connect us in the face of offered cooperation and reeled bellow baton of the Dark forces in opinion, everything they did is right and useful for people. The opposite is true.

Thus of acting this way, they are leading this world into a still deeper abyss with no escape. You know what I mean - this is a next - higher level of human mind control - by way of information technology and microchips. All the segments of this system are constructed with hectic (convulsive) intensity at the present, namely in the USA threaded as a pilot projects and tested in other countries of this planet. They are the systems of mobile communication, controlled internet, linking of monetary systems (Euro in Europe), threading of integrated public administration, mobile internet set up, microchip identification system (ID cards - microchip cards), ISO 9000, ... The people are hectically realizing their own Damocles’ sword and so feverishly (out of their own free will) that this is watched by the True Creation (trillions of beings) with interests and concerns.

Our help is rejected for 52 years, so we'll see how the situation will evolve.


Then I want to tell you that more and more people are preparing consciously on their ascension with the planet Earth together and increasingly raising their light bodies. Yes, everything still accelerates, there's need to be amorous and harmonious and keep helping another brothers and sisters during this ascension. That's why you can work on your light mission and helping to all the Creation and the Creator Primary all and of all, so us beloved.

Yes dear Ivo, this was given to you by Ashtar - the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron to the 4th years anniversary of our contacts."

"And now me Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, I'm joining. Yes, I'm also heartily greeting you and sending floods of love. Yes, it's joyful to see how you're working on your light mission you have mostly fulfilled yet.

Sure, we're helping you and still will, you're mastering well the exams and this is entirely your decision how you'll pass, dear Ivo. Yeah, we're looking forward to our meeting tomorrow at the Prague Castle in Prague (capital of Czech Rep.). It'll be beautiful and we'll enjoy the II. Symposium of Love.

Our brothers and sisters in our ships everywhere above you are sending floods of love to Ceska Lipa, that is right flooded

Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron, told this to you with love and delight from Pleiades.”

Thank you beloved light friends thank you the Creator Primary for the beautiful connection. The communication was happened in the post office by a noise of 15 people. Ivo, with love in heart.


1508. Purgative event on 9/11/ 2001 in New York (301). (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

9/14/2001 9:02 - 9:41 A.M.

Place : Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic

”Dear Ivo,

Sincerely greeting you, me, Ashtar - commander of a Grand cosmic squadron. Yes, I’m glad that you put together this way and I can hand over the new information.

As we informed you, earthly humankind, many times in hundreds of our messages, on basis of YOUR CHOICES - earthly humankind - the purgative processes of planet Earth are proceeding.

She purifies more and more of a coarse vibration energies, these are partly thoughts of negative people which are aired and partly originators themselves - planet Earth than moves theirs souls to other dimensions and darker worlds this way, where they will have a number of choices in their lives, where to go, whether further - deeper into the dark worlds (they are many), or back home - to the Light - to the True Creation - heaven - where is an infinite number of various worlds.

Now we are witnesses one of stages of the purgative processes, and no one of you can't imagine, how much coarse vibrations - negative thoughts - emitted the crew of "Titanic" - The Twins (WTC) - for the 28 years their existence, and how much woe had been caused to the other people and to the planet Earth this way. It simply was one of the strongest coarse energy radiators on the planet Earth. It signifies not, those, who bodily erased this coarse vibration center, are "the saints" and led by the Light. Here holds the well known rule - the Dark will destroy itself.

Herewith you can take a note, how all the media are under baton of negative aliens again – the pseudocreators and the saurians - they widely used their control posts and massively deluged billions of human senses by their coarse energy control programs - energies. Thereby these people being more manageable, declining vibrations themselves and being in an even stronger trap of the negative state. There have been invited a lot of people of various professions into media (chats after the attack), but as you have mentioned yourself, just very spiritual - amorous people weren't there. It isn't by chance; those are unacceptable for their time-proven programs of evil and fear. It's like this your "democracy". Rank of people have founded out already, they are in low water, exactly in accordance with an esoteric energy principle - "IDENTICAL POLARIZES IDENTICAL" - so "WHAT YOU ARE EMITTING, THIS YOU ARE GETTING BACK AS WELL", only the time of return is differ (because of edification).

Yes, then what someone inseminates, so is it reaped, whether evil or good - thereabouts no difference. That is why, dear Ivo, try to emit the good and the love further to reap the good and the love too - and you are on the right way because you're feeling what you're reaping yourself.

Yes, the time has gone ahead, there will be another events and you on the mission of light, you're primarily the soothers with your love and humility, harmony and peace. Your open hearts will generate a "salvage net" to those who will capture. There's no need to watch those coarse shots in media all round, it’s enough just let informed and go on the way of light - the right one. You have the inner guidance and so you're not referred to an outer means of communication. Thereby those, who are left to the coarse energy media, will further get through into a still deeper abyss, what they have prepared themselves in cooperation with saurians and pseudocreators coming from the hells.

Stay forceful within these last days of the old world and daily sense the right time of your recall - elevation of vibrations (the ascension) to a 5th dimension of the planet Earth. There you'll be able to fully live in amorous world and help those, who are getting through into the abyss at the same time.

Dear Ivo, this message was given to you by Ashtar - the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron."

"And now me Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, I’m joining. Yes, I also heartily greeting you and wishing fine amorous day with floods of love, which I’m sending to you. You are longing for the New Earth in the 5th dimension, I now, your point of outgoing is coming day by day, the events of final partition getting a fast drift and everything accelerates.

Who didn't use a time to work on, now easily turns into a toy - puppet of saurians and is unfortunately directed to the darker worlds than the planet Earth in the 3rd and in 4th dimension at the present. Yes, we-all Cosmic people are sending love to terrestrials all the time and helping those who are wondering. Yes, we know it from many other planets where the negative state came to final showdown; such a theatre isn't unknown for us. These control programs of the 2nd side are established for billions of years and already proved on a number of alternative planets. But we-all, your brothers and sisters are helping people who are turning very truly to God - the Creator Primary or to us, beings of the Light. But we are able to help only to those of callers, who are trying to live in harmony with the divine order, themselves. The "ruthless capital men" don't belonging among these - those, who are knifing masses of other people of energy and that's where they're in effect most successful. Between those comes generally the staff of 400 firms in the Twins, which were nonexisting since the morning of 9/11/ 2001. Yes, none of those who are tampering the divine order will feel safe anywhere after this another Dark forces action. Namely it's the revenge which has been chosen by them.

Just emanate the love and the humility, the harmony and the good farther, brothers and sisters of the Light, because your positive emanation will select you within these final days of the partition of humankind in the progress to the higher creation.

Yes, the rain in the Czech country remains with a small intervals for a week yet, since Friday the 9/7/2001, of purpose to clean up your air to the limit in advance before the 9/11/2001, in order the next coarse vibration floods (broaden by media into the senses of controlled people) absorb easily and can clean up new coarse vibrations of those people who are supplied by media and airing it on - over 90% of people ! (Note: the constant rain took about a month finally...)

Because here in the Czech country there is a relatively greatest percentage of folks on the light mission, so this is a help you from our beloved the Creator Primary of all and of all. Yes, be still sure on the way of light in the future and further emanate the love and the harmony - be the lightly port in this stormy sea of the last days.

Thousands of brothers and sisters in our ships everywhere above you are sending love and crossing fingers for fulfilling your light missions.

Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron, told this to you with love and delight from Pleiades.”

Thank you beloved light friends thank you the Creator Primary for all the help. Ivo with love.


1509.  A letter to Mr. President on incident from 2001/9/11 in New York (302).

(compiled by Ivo A. Benda)

2001/9/16 9:00 - 10:05 A.M.

Place : Ceska Lipa

President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Havel, Prague Castle, 119 08 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Dear Mr. president,

Please, accept my condolences on accident and foiled lives of thousands of people, whom sending love and good.

I wrote you already several times, it wasn't all the same to me, what's going on.

We have enough information about these events, we know it's just the start of what will come due to choices and ignorance of current humankind (it's majority).

That is why I wasn't suprised, we knew what people were causing their thinking and behavior. And it's evident they're incorrigible.

Therefore more events will follow on which we have been highlighted and warned for a long time. The Cosmic people (sending you an info) have already informed you for 4 years. But it's your business what you're doing with the info. Your multiyear health condition is certainly clear answer. Don't you think the abidance in your place is irresponsible? Probably don't you suppose that You, Cabinet and other governments in the world haven't shared if not major responsibility for the survival of humankind? Manners - me nothing, me only a musician (it's a Czech saying) - it's abominable and reverts to originator.

Reminding the governments who are responsible for the whole system and regime of the state where people live. Ruling of the states elects laws (no voters and non-voters), state's governments allow how and how much will be Earth polluted and annihilated, the governments are keeping primary responsibility for what energies are widening through mass media because the governments licensing their activities (ministry of culture). What's a kind of culture while in media there are about 90% willful selection of violence, knifing the people of their energies - negative thoughts, wrongs and untruths of all kinds? It's governments’ responsibility and blame for this status. Or you want to argue; you're not giving permission for their activities? The problem is a lost of distinction between good and wrong, positive and negative ! Throughout media they are rolling huge currents of negative energies to the billions of houses and senses of people - and that's why billions of them are programmed in purpose in disposal themselves selves. What ever you can't enclose towards fact how many abominable movies came out the American studios? And how are dirtily enforced to people by other companies (even those stayed in WTC in NYC). What ever you don't see it and can't to exclaim and say it loudly? Why are you magnify "American culture" all the time which is remaining on vehement supply from the HELLS - workshops of saurians and pseudocreators - YOU DO HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION!

It's really wonder you still not use an offered help of Cosmic people - in the name of rescues this humankind, you have continuously all information or else on 5000 pages - www.universe-people.cz and .com !

The fact most people don't understand can bee seen from debates between 11th - 16th of September 2001 on Czech TV. There were invited people of various professions, and just guess, which important absented there?



So that is why I saying it to you, until we will not solve problems on spiritual basis we will not go ahead and will just rush for the hells - most of us who will choice it ourselves.

What's the matter ?

WHAT WHO RADIATES TO HIS ENVIRONMENT - THIS WILL TURN BACK TO HIM. It's important cosmic rule, which works perfectly. The time is minor.

The difficulty is a lot of people are SUBSIDING to discern - among good and evil, positive and negative. Than positive is what is in fact negative. Lapse of distinction. The contemporary Dark Side's control system works very effectively on it, in all directions, in all lines. Don't underrate it !

From NO ONE of you - presidents and governments - I HAVEN'T HEARD inculcation of LOVE AND GOOD, as to PEOPLE LOVE THEMSELVES - EACH OTHER - what here proclaimed extraordinarily only master John Hus (Middle Ages Czech priest). The Cosmic people telling us all the time for 52 years IF WE'LL NOT START WORKING WITH LOVE THEN WE'LL NOT MOVE, JUST RUSHING DEEPER INTO HELLS.

Reminding you that erased WTC building were for 28 years the ultimate coarse energy radiators worldwide. Towards people - sources of these energies more frequently other humans are protesting - against globalization and YOU PROBABLY DON'T UNDERSTAND NOTHING ALL THE TIME.

As well as I informed you (also written by others, e.g. Karel Gott [Czech performer]) prior to huge danger of ORWELLIAN TOTALITY - by misuse of informative technology - by IMPLEMENTATION OF CENTRAL MICROCHIP CONTROL SYSTEM OF PEOPLE - see "PROJECT L.U.C.I.D.". What ever you don't see these events matching to "an incoming steps against terrorism” ! ! !

Again, we’ve got in many messages the following information: Another events will come. You'll see what will happen.

I Am all the time ready for a meeting with you and fit for mediation of personal meeting with Cosmic people - Ashtar Sheran, commander of a Grand Cosmic squadron and Ptaah, commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades. We can't liberate from this SLAVERY without their help when, 90 % of humankind are operated like PUPPETS by the negative aliens - saurians and principals - pseudocreators from hells - see e.g. the NEW REVELATION ! Don't forget it.

That is to say that our thoughts coming not from brain, how we're still enforced by figureheads - scientists, but are fed from spiritual worlds - either positive (Heaven, True Creation) or negative (hells). Everyone is choosing himself, by which vent and realization - by his everyday thinking and dealing.

Most of fairy tales on good and evil is from the Cosmic people - such as helping hold for unknowingly people on the planet Earth. Just a fairy tale "The Water Sprite" is a warning of people state, who's souls are temporarily imprisoned in potties under pot lids - in cases, created by pseudocreators - to be well manageable by them (see "The New Revelation"). Likewise a fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" shows we are a "Sleeping kingdom" and only LOVE will wake us up and set us free. The same is in fairy tale "Immortal aunt", where is showed control by the Dark (king and people) and rescue by LOVE at the end. Truly described situation is also in a movie "Matrix" where you can see the whole operating technology (to our limited understanding). There is a plenty of material about hidden contacts of powerful people with aliens, about contact with the Cosmic people there is e.g. movie "CONTACT", true on 70%, what's not true is the governments didn't inform humankind!

You know, not all the men are electing you - politicians but some electing the Creator Primary of all and of all who is in each person everywhere and in everything. He gives everyone the information by the silent and humble voice in heart (intuition). He also makes barriers to the Dark forces what they can and what not. 100-200 billions of people are choosing ascension themselves by their amorous life - ascension to the higher existence the 5th dimension of the planet Earth. Already now constructing by their affectionate life a light bodies and a new society - New Earth and will soon vibrate up totally away from this reality. The Creator Primary surpasses nothing, he has infinity number of perfectly elaborated scenarios of evolution to let each created being (by him) choose his own version of development himself. I know what a rage have some politicians by this information (in truth the saurians who controlled them) but this is the real fact.

Not only by chance 150 people meditated just 3 days before 09/11/2001 - they having send love to Earth - likewise 180 last year on 09/09/2001. You disavowed this doing and didn't have moved a finger for love. By contrast you organize a NATO summit in Prague during fall 2002 - congress of loveless warlords! Everybody chooses it's own way himself. But the NEGATIVE STATE ARE DISCLOSING IN FULL NUDITY now gradually (not at a blow, that wouldn't people survive) to everyone have information to his life ballots.

I'm with greeting and love in heart, Ivo A. Benda

Ceska Lipa 09/16/2001

PS: Consider to be stupid and blunt as far as would the richest country worldwide wage war against the poorest one, where's practically nothing to ruin, where's just inhospitable mountains and deserts! Further refuse any retraction of innocent people into fights of powerful on their estates - don't do it or you will get very badly at the end. It's elemental. One who makes aggressive war will not hide from his words, be aware of this. There are a lot of planets within the Creation where it has been already ran out and each time with the same result. Belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is a relict of a planet Maldek, Fatheon too. Therefore you're holding the people in nescience to couldn't instruct themselves. The Dark forces feed anybody who’s applying the violence. As well as it is a pressure to people work more than a must.


For information: Government, Parliament, Senate of the Czech Republic and thousands of people in the Czech country and on the planet Earth.


1537. Elevator into the fifth dimension (received by P.E.) 09/23/2001

Place: Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic

Serapis: "Sananda shows us the way to recover the elevator, so we invited him speak personally to us:"

"I'm SANANDA. Coming from dimension where you're a sense of unity. My intention is to help you for achieving a point of delight, your being, in a higher energetic frequency.


First of all is a suit to correct several mistaken information appeared in language and faith in the past.

I was quoted in words by these verses: "No one will come to Father. Only per me."

What was thereby really meant:

To experience your real oneness or identity - I'm - that I'm.

Firstly you have to link with my energy or energy of Christ.

It was said (cited) too:

"Live in need to be able to come to me, children."

And it's mistakenly meaning too:

I intent of joining be free of fear, mental thoughts (needless), impeachment (of other beings), living in former times or in the future, that way like children living because these things blocking integration in unity.


A plenty of things has changed on your planet since 1988 that makes possible a direct contact with energy of Christ on Earth.


Firstly, I renewed an elevator down to lower vibration worlds, you to feel harmonic vibrations of my energy straight by your energetic aura (or by your body). Later I'll release verses by their recitation you can move on this harmonic frequency and direct your senses thereby to these higher stages. While you reach this connection you live in feelings of happiness and interplay as a shower of euphoria essence.


Power of joyance has been brought on this planet. This is energy of silver beam, beam of harmony and of interplay.

If doing anything, in terms of frequency raising your energetic body and if you using this power or joyance (silver), everything will happen easylike.


Just imagine beam of silver light, bright and glitter, infiltrating your energetic aura and washing some lower frequencies (undesirable energies) from your aura.

It calms if you are unrest and revives you if are tired.

In unity with love I AM. Sananda

Verses for integration:

I am the being of Christ
I am joined with spirit.

I am the being of Christ
I am joined with everything.

The light of my own being
Shining on my way.

I am the being of Christ
I am joined with all what will be.

I am holding the bright light of God's essence in my heart.
I am going and joined with spirit.

I am in a smile of delight
And am in touch with the God's essence.

I am joined by love with other beings.
I am the spirit Christ.

I am a bridge
Between the God's world and Earth."


1538. Elevator into the fifth dimension (continued) (received by P.E.) 09/24/2001

Place: Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic

"Helping hand by:


Extraterrestrial Cosmic people (beings mainly on board a ship),


White brother or sisters (beings moving mostly by teleportation), and




In behalf of those who are intent to go to the fifth dimension and for others:

In this Solar system there is plenty of places where Pleiadians, Arcturians and other having their stations with many light ships. One of their assistant actions (tasks) is a help of crossing the fifth dimension frequency barrier for beings of planet Earth.

This Fence (energetic frequency) is at the edge of your Solar system. Afterwards a next fence is in the area of Jupiter.

While you enter or leave your Solar system (mainly when coming from other dimensions), that way are trespassed these frequency fences. In some cases are these processes realized individually by human beings. But for the most of human beings are ready interdimensional ships to this purpose (for help in this transformation). It's evidently only for those who are accepting (are opened) the helping hand with above mentioned chance.

The assistance in these operations is maintained (supplied) by Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Cosmic people, e.g. Ashtar with his squadron.

Afterwards there are several other stations there: the assistance of Sananda (he's coming of the Jesus's and Orthons's family), assistance of Archangels, assistance of Kuthumi and the others. (Certain stations are for humans who are opened for help but not yet ready to meet Cosmic people, otherwise - they are of limited religion)"

Reception from Arcturians:

"We have been studied a lot of human beings along their transformations, so we know, there is a plenty of various ways at a point when leaving the earthly body.

Diverse resolves may be realized but can you give back to further hundreds of life cycles on Earth.

Sensible decisions may be realized that brought you to other places very fast and this can be also some Arcturians planets."

A notation:

"Arcturians don't have an Adamah Kadmon bodies (they're a similar race as e.g. Krishna many years ago with blue - white body).

Arcturians are near the planet Earth on mother ship Athena. They're cooperating with Sananda, Archangel Metatron, Ashtar and with many others. The main mission for them is to contact people with Cosmic people and white brothers and sisters. Commandant of the ship Athena is Juliano.

Reproduction processes (babies) are different from earth-born (how we know it). They are loss of generative organs. For reproduction they're using a mind impulses for an embryo of a new life (Arcturian). This work maintaining selected persons (in certain suitable vibrations) who are further trained this way - procreation children.

In Arcturian system or education, a progress (evolution) is measured by vibration changes not by learning or knowledge’s."

Reception from Arcturians:

"We-all Arcturians can monitoring you in many ways (even now):


Healing of your etheric, astral, mental and psychic (causal) bodies.


Purification of your subconscious,


Creation of luminosity your body and further possibilities.

You just permit it to us and give an allowance, then tell us your specific wishes where (on what) we can work or where want us to start.

Your intention is important.

Juliano and Helio-ah."


1570. Conditions of ascension to a higher dimensions (308). (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

12/16/2001 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

Place: Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic)

Received from the Creator Primary of all and everyone.

"The ascension do the higher dimension (from the 5th above) means continuation of the man's life in a much more superior, spiritual surroundings in a new society without money, warfare, policy, manipulation, and control. It means without slavery like here on Earth in the 3rd dimension under baton of a Negative state - pseudocreators together with saurians and devils.

The ascension to the higher – 5th dimension of the planet Earth can ONLY AFFECTIONATE and BELIEVE people (with opened 4th heart chakra) in the next years. So those who will have fulfilled their POSITIVE MISSION which they have chosen voluntary before nativity - THE POSITIVE LIFE and some people activities in spheres of COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE or MEDITATION or TELEINFORMATION (dissemination of light information). There are the conditions of ascension.

The utmost version is ascension c. 1,2% of humankind - evacuation into space carrier ships by the Cosmic people.

Another option is natural ascension of humankind with planet Earth together (3-5 days of darkness and without electricity - nowhere; there is no need of any reserves, vital functions will be decelerated).

People NEEDN'T ascent (thus leave this territory) CONTEMPORARY. Ten thousands of people have been already taken from CRISIS AREAS (earthquakes, e.g. in Turkey, war conflicts, e.g. Middle East, etc.) into the space ships. Others can ascent e.g. in 2 EVACUATING WAVES (in the night, mainly while sleeping). Another can leave this space through DIMENSIONAL TUNNELS - GATES which are NATURAL - above many hills (Rip, Hostyn, Sv. Kopecek at Olomouc and tens other (Czech Rep.)) or artificially created by the Cosmic people e.g. near cities.

Rest of people - 98,...%, will build up henceforthly with much concern and interest from their own free will a FULLNESS of the NEGATIVE STATE. They will do it with those with whom they understand one another - saurians, devils and their head - pseudocreators being controlled on 99,9% with body microchips (compared to today's 90% control). Purpose of this situation is an excellent SPIRITUAL EDIFICATION (personally) - WHAT NOT TO SELECT - LOVELESS life, SO OUT OF COOPERATION WITH CREATOR PRIMARY, LORD JESUS CHRIST, who permitted this position (see THE NEW REVELATION)."

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Thank you, the Creator Primary for these important information for people. The concerned people are led by you and feels the events are coming. Ivo with love in heart.