Dear friends,

Many of You have already asked me whether it is possible to sponsor our work aimed at:

Spreading of our light information

Our work for people and our Creator means thousands of hours of wellthought-out and strongly perceived work, under leadership of primary Creator of everybody and everything and also our Cosmic friends. We are in the environment where Dark powers (especially their lizards) use the most wellthought-out controlling programmes ever created in the Universe, if you know that their IQ is 200 ! The spreading of our information is immediately completely dependent on participation of people, as for the fact that our activity is non-profitable and it is sort of public enlightenment and spiritual purification of the planet Earth. Financial means are used especially for printing books (we established necessary stock of books – their parts) and also for translations into foreign languages. Translations (until this day 14.3.2000) of parts of books today make the number 150.000 Kc (on the internet) and these will be still growing. That’s why, if you want to join us, with this form of energy, in this important work, here is my address for you, to send me your financial means:

IVO A. BENDA     CELL. PHONE: +420 603 491 600

P.O.BOX 51    470 06    ČESKÁ LÍPA



Those, who do not want to send money via the post mail, can use
the bank transfer to my bank account in ČSOB:

A) in Czech crowns (Kč) – payments in the local Czech crown payment system:

B) in Czech crowns (Kč) – payments from abroad:
ČSOB, pobočka Česká Lípa, Mariánská 216, 470 01 ČESKÁ LÍPA

C) payments in foreign currency:
ČSOB, pobočka Česká Lípa, Mariánská 216, 470 01 ČESKÁ LÍPA

This is all legally kept in my accounting.

I ask you to send me parallel message, either to give me a ring or message by means of SMS, to my mobil phone because of a check.

This form here mentioned is one of means to complete your mission, which you had chosen before you were born and you had given a promise to our beloved Creator.

Everything goes smoothly according to the purest plan of our beloved Creator.

Present amount of information is sufficient, we just must keep spreading it on the planet Earth and in this way destroy basic controlling marketing of black T-shirts, which steal energy from terrestrial people.

I thank you all for cooperation and I am greeting everybody who spreads information in any way.

With love and humbleness Ivo A. Benda.