1497. The space ship's observation of our Cosmic friends (compiled by Ivo. A. Benda with Cosmic people)


Place: Ceska Lipa (Czech rep.)


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A lot of people are watching lights of the ships of Cosmic people during clear evenings, flying in altitudes of 15 - 80 km. These are mostly large mother ships (with diameter of kilometers) commonly they are thousands of them under coverings in the sky (totally there are 100 000 mother carrier ships with 150 - 200 millions of Cosmic people around the planet Earth). The best time for observing starts usually after 10:30 p.m. (for half, perhaps also 3 hours) when most of people retiring to rest, so emitting less negative thoughts to the area around the Earth. Rarely they can be observed otherwise.

Just enough is to have positive and amorous thoughts, fairly talk about our Cosmic friends, e.g. of their life - have a nice relation to them and ask the Creator Primary and Cosmic people for a light greeting. Then you can see even tens of flyovers, some flies simultaneously on various directions. We have seen a formation of 3 ships also. The lights are bright like stronger stars and more, they can shade and bright again, flying mostly straight and sometimes in bows and curves but always noiseless. The strongest flashing was like powerful reflector and we felt a strong heat - love emitted to us. Velocity can be slow, very fast or variable.

You can practice DISTINCTION among other objects (stars) by your sense.

Our airplanes are noisy and have specified international positional lights. Satellites are on limits of visibility of the human eye (seen very weak), having constant flight course and speed.

The suitable place for observation is NATURE, cities abnormally too - rather peripheries of smaller towns although this is grow rife. Decisive for Cosmic friends is energy quality of love pointing to them from our observation area. So this is YOUR and YOUR SURROUND fine vibrational energy in hundreds of meters or kilometers.

The overflights are recorded on videotapes (Video 2-7) or on CD-ROM.

People with inner communication thereat speaking with Cosmic friends about nice things and can fortify this contact.

At the next there is a possibility to move your mental body on decks of space ships (small and mother carrier) and visit Cosmic friends on this way. Our pictures of the ships is a tool for the visit.

The Cosmic people are especially pleased of contacts of people with whom they are cooperating on their light missions. These ones greets by light perhaps through windows or balconies of their flats.

Don't take with you people with negative thoughts. Their energy harms Cosmic friends (it rankles) so that they not uncover in face of them ! Just of these people they covers themselves.

Use summer warm nights for observation of the ships.

Cosmic people are happy and taking delight when people of Earth are interested in. You Should just know how much they love us all !

Message 1497. 8/21/2001 Ivo. A. Benda with Cosmic friends