The Information on Ing. Ivo A. Benda’s lectures

Cosmic beings who contact us in their mental bodies are mostly from the 5th dimension, they stay in the shade together with their spaceships. It is understandable that they stay like this because they do not want to cause any chaos at times when people are not prepared for their arrival. Cosmic beings will remove the shade from them when bad vibrations are reduced to 50% (nowadays it is 82%), and also at the same time millions of people must wish this contact, otherwise they will stay unseen in the shade. In the Universe there is no planet, which is not under surveillance of Light powers, who work according to the plan of Creator, who always calculates and is always happy when something is happening.

Life on advanced planets of Light powers.

those ones who are interested and complies with conditions, can connect with them through a thought, they transmit him information for his spiritual development.

One of evacuation exploring ships, which guides the certain sector (see report num. 531):

- height : 80 m (7 floors, 3 working, 1 nature-greenery, 3 for a rest)

- diameter : 1,500-750 (ellipse)

- crew : 600 beings, vice-commander is Pleja, 3 hour shift

- above the Earth : 45-130 km - standard sector for operations above the ground

- other spaceships : release other piloted and not piloted exploring ships

Communication goes on with peaceful cosmic people from:

The planet Earth

The DNA helix

People who are in touch with Cosmic people, spiritual beings of Light powers

Threat of global purification - ”catastrophe” of the Earth

Saurians /evil powers, there are also other races/,

By means of experience and experiences in former lives human being improves. There are people on the Earth who went through 900-1100 thousands lives (those more mature ones) or 400 thousands lives (less spiritualy mature ones), from among them on the whole 1,500 lives on one planet.

What is spiritual growth

Spiritual growth is the only way to use all the information and abilities, which everyone has. It means:

How to achieve own spiritual development

Spiritual development can be achieved by means of elimination of negative actions and thoughts (coarse vibrations), radiating of love (smooth vibration energy), respect for you, other people, animals, nature and for the Earth. Moreover:

Cosmic rules /there are many of them, here are just some of them/

1. The strongest cosmic rule is Rule of pure love:

2. Rule of development: When a higher spiritual being helps a lower spiritual being in its spiritual development, it helps also itself, because it improves its spiritual and vibration level.

3. Esoteric rule: The same attracts the same (spiritual quality - quality of energy).

4. Rule of inteligence (wisdom): Conscious beings, respect the only Creator of everyone and everything. (He is the most important for all spiritual beings.)

5. Karma rule: Provides spiritual growth of a being in sense of ”life school”. Promotion depends on understanding and coping with taught matter of that life. Life chapters, which a being does not manage to cope with, are offered to be solved in following lives. A man is a creative being and he influences or creates his karma, either in a positive or negative way.

6. Rule of incarnation: Concerns ”fallen”souls became enstranged from the only Creator, those souls must be born in physical and half - physical bodies unless they make up for deeds against Creator and His law. Those incarnations happen in millions, before an incarnation into a human, a body precedes at least 8 million incarnations into bodies of minerals, plants and animals. In a human body it can be at most 1.100.00 lives.

7. Rule of free will: A conscious being is a free being, has a right to make free resolutions and no one can control it or restrict his or her freedom. (Here on the Earth for example, evil powers affect very much - breaking the rules, but terrestrial people let themselves be manipulated voluntarilly - by politics, the media, science etc.) A higher civilization is not allowed to interfere in development of a lower civilization.


…. a cause:


(it means 200,000 people from among 10 millions inhabitants is healthy)




TV NOVA - 90 % controlling program of ”Saurians”! /the firm was built up on a place of a former Jewish cemetery, in the past low vibration souls gathered here /, an introductory signature with asteroids (also here and elsewhere saurians live), an explosion - destruction, a red ribbon - controlling programme in the egg (it is in the oppsite direction of clock‘s hands)

TV PRIMA - 35 %, CT 1 - 25 %, CT 2 - 20 %


Hierarchy of Universe

The only Creator (Highest Creator, God-Spirit)

Creators for each Universe

Council of the nine (Council of 9 lights)

Grand council for this cumulus of galaxies (in the constellation of Virgin)

Grand council for a local group of galaxies

Every galaxy has got its Grand /Light / council ( our Galaxy is situated in the constellation of Aquarius)

Every developed /maternity/ planet has got an all - planet goverment,

which is presented by the Senior council (the Wise council)

5 % of all planets in the Universe are inhabited by civilizations, in a variety of dimensions.

Moons, planets, suns, galactic suns, cosmic suns, spiritual suns - are inteligent loving beings based on these gradual levels, they are not any dead mechanical bodies, as our science maintains !

More detailed information about the hierarchy of the Universe you will find in the book Secrets of cosmos, Adelma Vay, 1996, Santal and in the second part of Talks with instructions from my Cosmic friends, Ivo A. Benda, 1999, part of Creating of universes.


But pay attention !!!!!!

Warning ! Reading of books about kidnaps or about accidents of spaceships is for readers dangerous, because a reader, while reading, radiates those thoughts into the Universe and those thoughts spread faster than light and those thoughts are being caught by negative beings, who then attack those people. Everything works according to the esoteric rule, the same attracts the same. It happens massively in the USA (millions of people has been kidnapped), where this kind of literature is spread long before than at our place. The same it is with looking at faces of humanoids with big black eyes.

I recommend you and Cosmic people Light powers too, to destroy this kind of literature. If it happens in this way everywhere, then these negative beings will stop endangering and hurting us. The same it is concerning movies. If you have to talk, exceptionally, about negative beings with reptile structure body (most of them are negative, with big black eyes), you can call them with love saurians. When you say that, you receive their energy of coarse vibrations !!!



Books: FIRST and SECOND TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS, it is possible to glance through them or to copy them for free, at this internet adress ( and also at these internet cafés in Prague, Brno, Ostrava): (without colour pictures)

or (with colour pictures, since may 1999)


These texts are translated into English, Chinese, Croatian and other languages.

Here are also inormation on dates of lectures of Ivo A. Benda, meditation plans, admisson free.


Conditions for contacts with cosmic friends and with Creator


Now I present to you just in summary conditions for contacts with cosmic friends and with our Creator.

These conditions are presented in the text of “Talks” thereinafter more in detail. If your thoughts are too

materialistic, and your emotions are pent up, focus on removal of these barriers. These conditions are actually

abidance by our Creator’s cosmic laws; by them you increase and stabilize your vibratory - spiritual level.

Cosmic people long for contact with every man, who fulfils these conditions. Till July 6, 1998, 670 000 people in

the Czech Republic have experienced such contacts. After fulfilment of these conditions can anybody contact

the Creator, too.

1. The life should be affectionate, harmonious, decent, based on spiritual sentiment. Love your spirit and your

body too; by that you love your Creator, for you are his component. Don’t drink alcohol to excess, preferably

not at all; don’t smoke cigarettes excessively, preferably not at all. Forbear yourself !!!

2. Love other human fellowmen, including those, who harm you, because they are doing only what they know.

Forgive them!

3. Love everything in the Creation, “sentient” and “insentient”, as nature, vegetable kingdom, animals, and the

planet Earth which is a higher being than we are, too.

4. Reduce eating of meat to minimum, or not a whit (communication could begin approximately 10 days after

that day).

5. Liquidate - destroy negative literature, as books and magazines about wars, eroticism and negative

extraterrestrial beings (UFO - abductions, infalls of spaceships, etc.). Don’t communicate with negative

extraterrestrial beings.

6. Don’t read negative books and magazines, don’t watch negative films; it is reasonable to ignore politics,

because it is full of coarse vibrations.

7. Don’t possess redundant property (2 and more houses for yourself, 2 and more cars for yourself ... etc.)

8. Help people in need according to your potentiality.

9. Work for people at least regarding dissemination of informations about cosmic friends, in a moderate and

unobtrusive manner, of course.

10. Don’t harm other creatures.

For such contacts you need no radio telescopes, no projects CETI or SETI !!!!!

The form of address could be advanced in this way:

“Dear Creator, I love you; I pray for a contact - with you;

- with my cosmic friends;

- with Ashtar, Ptaah, ...” (etc.)

At the same time it is necessary to entertain taintless thoughts and love in your heart, while holding a pencil,

paper prepared.

Furthermore, it is appropriate that reports are verified by other people !!! Therefore cooperation in groups is important.



576. War in Kosovo (173). (Received by Ivo A. Benda). 7.4.1999. 16:05-16:30

Place: Zlín.


”Dear Ivo,

I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am sincerely greeting you.

Yes, you are worried about this part of Yugoslavia, I know about it, we, in our ships, know that here on the Earth killing and turning people out of their home is usual. Throughout thousands of years of rule of the Darkness we are well informed how it keeps its power - it spreads fear. This war in Yugoslavia is a ”horror movie”, hundred millions of people fom the planet Earth are violently indoctrinated with this matter, to make them produce fear, unease = coarse vibrations, which are violently given to people by means of Tv and news . Yes, people have not learned anything about how evil works and they still support it and it feeds on their fear - emotions, which are nourishment for saurians, who have been controlling you for thousands years, because you enable them to do so. Yes, this is the truth and the whole Universe know about it.

I love you dear Ivo, for you try to spread love around you and you will all keep spreading Light on the planet Earth. Well, many people are begining to see into this manipulation with fear and coarse vibrations, and they are becoming aware more of the fact how evil affects them and how to face this evil. You are happy about the fact that many people know about it, that is why they are relaxed and ballanced and they will not let anyone affect them with coarse vibrations of evil, violence and fear, which influence people in this way.

Everyone has free will and he can voluntarilly receive or refuse coarse vibrations from your media. It is their free choice, in this way they choose their future, not only in this life but also in future lives. That is why, we have these Cosmic rules - the same attracts the same and karma rule, which provide this. Well, it will not be needed to mention this again, you still spread love, joy and light, I can see you shining and you will not let anyone influence your work for our beloved Creator.

Yes, this was transmitted to you by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”


Thank you dear Ashtar for this instructive report, which you give to all people of the planet Earth. With love Ivo.


”Now I Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes, I love you dear Ivo, for you are so strong and loving and you do not let anyone overwhelm you with coarse vibrations, because you know that it is work of the Darkness. A lot of beings of Light powers are immediately fighting against evil powers and they are trying to stop this war conflict in Yugoslavia. Those beings are either on the Earth, or in the Universe. On the Earth people meditate a lot and they are trying to send love to warriors who spread evil and violence. It used to be in the past and it is the same way now. You have already known that 300.000 years here evil powers and Light powers have been fighting, and that evil powers do not want to give this place to Light powers. That is why they try to cause those artificial wars, to control people with fear and violence. It has always been like this. Now you can see the effect of evil powers who are not far away from you and you can see as it goes. You know that we always try to send love to the planet Earth, which needs it very much, and in the same way other people from the planet Earth make it . I am glad that there are more and more of those people and that they long for change of this system into a system of Love.

This was transmited to you with love by Ptaah, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”

Thank you dear Ptaah, It will be a pleasure for me to give these reports to people from the planet Earth, to learn from this and to change evil thoughts into love thoughts. This was transmitted to all emploees of TV NOVA and also to many other journalists.

With love Ivo.


582. Chat with friends. (Received by Jiøí L.) 31.3.1999. 23:30-00:10.


”Hallo Jirka, I Pleya am talking to you now.

I am the commander, but you said that for every commander are most important those ones who are under his or her command and then he or she can take care of himself or herself. You know my father will not forgive me anything. Well, wait until the right time has come (request for a possibility of a contact).

I know that you long for a contact, to get to know each other personally, but these personal meetings arer sort of acknowledgement of work for our Creator. You understand everything, as far as meetings are concerned. You will be evacuated (I always think about intensive help to other people during evacuation, and I am going to board among the last ones). You are willing to help us with evacuation and we know that you are very glad that you can help someone who he is also happy then. That is why you must take care also of yourself and this is not any exaggerated self - love. I am going to transmitt a report to you, give it to Ivo Benda.”




If you destroy your planet Earth, it will be your choice, but if you want to affect surrounding space, we will prevent you from doing it. It depends on your resolution, everything will be your choice. Many of you have read a leaflet and you were taken aback by it, but you put it away and you live in an old way. You have this special opportunity to improve your vibration to such extent that you will be able to enter a different dimension. In the Universe there are people who wait to receive you among them. It is much clearer if you know that the whole Universe was not created itself and that it has got its purpose here. You, people from the planet Shan have destroyed your planet so much that your mother Earth does not want to carry your weight anymore and she wants to get rid of you to get purified. If she still keeps carrying you, it is for our great love, which we, Cosmic people, send her too. Any of your attempts to stop evacuation will be useless. Nowadays we are already able to eliminate your nuclear weapons. Every time when you try to see into the Universe, you are able to see just a small part out of what is really important to see. It is the Universe full of life and we have right to prevent you from getting to know this if you will try to interfere with it in any way.

This was transmitted to you by me Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”















540. People hear this, the Earth is crying !!! Sylvia Ryšavá.


Life on the Earth, life full of weeping !

Can you hear it people ? The Earth is crying.

She is suffering in pain, bad smell and dirt,

everything what has been living, is slowly dying !

Fire, water and destruction await her.

What to do now, scientists, politicians, engineers, teachers ?

You all who live on the Earth,

the Earth is crying !!!

Do not you mind that at all ?

Do you not care ?

Do you know, by the way, who will pull the trigger of the death ?

Do you know what will follow then?

That nothing will happen ?

Any small child does not believe it !

Still there is a time.

Everything can be made up for.

And when Not, then it will come the time that is to come !

Try to suffer,

as much as our Earth !!

Stop hypocrisy, stop this, it is too much !

Evil turns love out of our homes.

Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters,

the whole our world is being destroyed !

It is on the wrong road and no one wants that.

Even though we do not do ANYTHING to stop this.

Why ?

Is it inside us that we wait until a miracle happens ?

Or we think that we will survive that ?

I am confused and I want to cry.

Is it possible that people will not do ANYTHING for their salvation ?

Our world is full of violence, evil and unjustice.

Who will make up for all this ?

We caused all this !

Where is love gone ?

If we had enough love

on our BLUE planet,

we would not have to face

this big problem.

That is why I call here:


It is worth making it.

It is worth fighting for it.

Against all evil !

To fight with our good thoughts and LOVE.

No violence anymore !!!



339. Work in groups - ”symphonic concert of information - up to date

(Received by Nada Bullová). 10.7.1998. 14:30-14:50.

Place: Trinec.

Important thing for you now is to understand your direction. You have not been able to rescue the environment yet , dematerialize the planet and not even feed the poor ones, because you have not been able to get rid of fear of shortage and a need to control others. Your lives were based on a fight to obtain energy from each other, that is why you were not able to give energy to other people. Beloved ones, be aware of the fact that to receive energy does not mean to take it from other people, but it means to draw energy from the nature and a way of eating. It is needed to know that the more easily streams energy into you, the more quickly and mystically answers the Universe to you. Every time you behave according to your intuition, we will lead you ahead and we will improve your vibrations . Be perceptive to this new process, which leads you ahead, be awake, you are a part of the process of creating a new view of the world. You, who search, you already know that the Universe is a great system of energy, and all human conflicts are based on lack of this energy and on manipulation to achieve it. This conflict can be finished if you consciously draw energy from a higher source. The time of explaination of your old and repeated dramas and of finding out your identity has come. The real secret of your happiness and harmony is to stay in this magnetic stream and to know how to create relationship with others. Derive from them the best to the surface and answers will always come. Improve your feelings of perceiving. Your repeated balancing of level of energy reduces vibrations. Fear and mistrust in known things also reduces your vibrations. Overcome your fear and keep present vibrations in every situation. Be aware of your destination. It is creating of a picture of Light, which has incredible beauty and energy, and yourselves, who improve this connection with beauty of the environment by perceiving it consciously, with open eyes. The more beauty you see, the more quickly you develop yourselves. and in the same way your vibrations will get better. Finaly, increased vibrations will lead you to heaven, which is ahead of you. You just cannot see it and recognize it. Whenever you doubt, if your way is right, remember your destination, you develop yourselves and this is the basic fact of the whole life. The purpose of your existence, is to achieve heaven on the Earth. Keep connecting with energy, be open to it, do not let anyone or anything control you, and do not allow any destruction of the planet. If you return to your old way of behaviour, you will not survive.

Each of you must do as much as possible, to get this message into Light.

Now we are going to give you small, but important example for your work in groups.

Each person should speak only when energy is coming into him or her. The key to this process is to speak at the right time and vibrate strengthening energy, when it is other’s turn. Many people are controlling and selfish when they are in a group, to the fore their ego and greedy pride come. These people can feel power of a thought, they can express it, and they keep speaking for a long time, because ”the explosion of energy” is so pleasant, that they cannot stop speaking, even if the energy should come into other ones. In this way they try to control groups. Those who are not so pushy, they keep in the background, even though they feel power of a thought, they do not take a risk to say it. When this happens, a group is divided, and it means that not all messages are being transmitted, granted and said. The same thing is when some members of a group are not received by others as rightful members of a group. Dismissed and separated members cannot receive energy and this part of group is divided. When someone does not seem to be nice to you, or he or she is sort of strong personality, or we feel endangered by him, then there is a natural tendency to concentrate on something that we do not like about him or a thing which irritates you. Unfortunately when you make this, while you should see deeper beauty of those people and give them energy, you take energy away from them and this does harm them, which is unnecessary. They become aware only of feeling that they are less beautiful, less self - confident, and it is a result of destruction of their energy by you. A real working group has a rule not do this. A thought, energy and vibrations of each member should be improved by means of energy vibrated to them by other members. When this happens, energetic fields of all members merge and they create only one beautiful energy, then this group creates ”one body”.

(An omitted part.)

This was transmitted with love by Orthon, Ashtar, Ptaah, the Grand council in Petale and other.”


POSITIVE WAY OF THINKING. read it once a day.


In my heart I feel that everything I do is acceptable to me. I know that I have got a CHOICE to adapt myself to the circumstances. When I find out that others have their ways of thinking and doing things, it makes me be optimistic. It makes my life be dynamic and colourful. It is exciting to listen to so many opinions. It gives me a CHOICE to revalue or change my opinion and respect it.


It seems that I am like a glass of champagne. Life bubbles and sparkles. I can sing and dance, so happy that I can live. Imagine, I decided to be a part of this beautiful creation. Isn’t it wonderful that I have a body, mind and a soul ? I fell in love with life, my heart beats twice faster, it is happy about every day, which has been given to me.


I am swiming along a stream of ways of my life. I am creating small waves from me, either in my river or at my spring. My appearence knows about my heart. My pores are opening and closing according to my emotions. My senses will not fake me, they will not hide what is happening outside. I can make my life be harmonious. My appearance does not need to not fake my heart, because they are both harmonious.


I am a little grain, a little plant, a root and also a land at the same time. I am a soul, mind, body and heart at the same time. I am my own land and also heaven. I am complete, a complete whole, worked out to a hairline accuracy. I know how I am, I know that here exists only one like me.


I am willing to adapt to the circumstances. Because I am like this, my body and my mind are able to adapt to the unforeseen circumstances. I know that I have always this free CHOICE to adapt to the circumstances as they come or to leave them. On the other hand it can teach me something new and I become more aware of differences among people. It gives me courage to be different , but still to be a part of them. I am an inseparable part of an ever changing model.


I face to life proudly and with my head errected . I have got my own thoughts, own ideas. I know that they count on me and that is why I will share with them what is in my heart and my soul, without any fear. I have courage to take a risk. To take a risk because I am an independent human being. I have got power to complete my ideas without causing any pain to other people. I can receive compliments that I deserve proudly . With greatfulness I can receive help I need from others to be implemented.


It seems that everywhere I come, something is happening. That is why it is an opportunity for me to add something valueable. I know that it will be appreciated. It is fascinating when I know that I belong somewhere. I can see something worth learning for my own development, even in most difficult situations. I know, when I am needed and when not. I develop my own smooth feeling for my own need and for a need of others. I am always connected with this kind of feeling.


My life is elastic as a glove. My body moves according to my thoughts. My body and mind are equal. I can believe in me absolutely, because my feelings will not fake me. I do not need to hide or pretend anything. I am who I am - I am straight.


I have got a choice. I can decide in every situation without being controlled by anything. I am a free man and I feel it by everything that is at my disposal and that is enabled to me through beloved Creator. I do not press other, I let them have a choice.